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Lose the Freshman 15: Biggest Lesson Learned


Hey ladies!

Tomorrow is officially the final day of the plan! And while I still have some weight to lose, I will definitely  be treating myself to a well-deserved cupcake.

If there is one thing I learned through out the program, it’s that rewarding yourself is totally necessary. In the beginning I tried cutting out anything that was the slightest bit unhealthy. I even cut out the extra 200 freebie calories that Self has built in to their Drop 10 Program in hopes that I would lose even more weight.

However, instead of losing more weight, I found myself craving sweets more than ever and my drastic restrictions just let to me binging at the slightest temptation. (Need we recall the HCTU Free Food Fun Friday event?)

That’s when I decided to treat myself once a week. Not only do these rewards prevent me from overindulging, but they also keep me motivated through out the course of the week. After all, nothing makes that last mile go faster than dreaming about how good that fro-yo you promised yourself after is going to taste.

So that’s pretty much the way the cookie crumbles my friends. (Sorry lame joke. I apologize.) Make sure to check back tomorrow for my final blog post, which will be fully equipped with before and after photos and my final weigh-in (dun, dun, dun.)

Until then let me know what your favorite indulgent snack is!


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