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Lose the Freshman 15: The Best Kept Secret for High Energy


Hello, hello ladies!

I don’t know about you guys, but being on summer break has given me a ton of extra free time. Free time that I totally could be using to work on my fitness, but instead I’ve mostly been….sleeping (womp, womp).

Maybe it’s because I’ve given up my daily cup of Starbucks (HELLO! Grande Ice Caramel Macchiato= too many unnecessary calories to count), but I can’t seem to shake feeling tired and it has been effecting my workout schedule.

I’ll be honest with you; ever since finals ended I’ve kiiiiiinda fallen off track with this whole work out routine. Sure I’ve been doing more than a half decent job sticking to Self’s Drop 10 eating plan, but I haven’t been keeping up with the fitness part of it and my weight loss progess shows it.

My guilt mixed with my craving for more energy led me to what I like to think of as my own personal light bulb moment. I realized that the reason that I had so much energy before wasn’t because I was downing sugary coffee, but because I was working out.

You know those awesome endorphins that you get after a great cardio sesh? I’ve been missing out on them because I’ve been neglecting my cardio! So I’m here to make a promise. I have my New Balance sneakers all lined up and ready to go. Tomorrow morning marks the end of my lazy sleep filled days and the beginning of my revamped fitness routine.

So who’s with me ladies? We can do this together!

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