I’ve Tried Every Form of CBD — Here Are My Thoughts

All the way in Huntsville, TN, my family owns a farm. I am not talking chicken slaughtering or cow milking here. I am talking about hemp. More specifically, I am talking about cannabidiol and cannabigerol

To say that immense love for CBD runs in my family is an understatement. Within our hemp greenhouse, our plants are entering puberty and slowly maturing into adulthood. We grow strictly women and refer to them as our ladies. 


Beyond CBD, some other not-so-fun things run in my family. Therefore, CBD is the cure-all for every family ailment. Papa has an itch? CBD. I have incurable period cramps? CBD. A thunderstorm forces one of the family pups to shake and cry endlessly? CBD.

It's safe to say that when it comes to CBD, I can tell you a thing or two about how it can help you — and what people get wrong about it all the time. So if you've ever been curious about CBD, or have wanted to try it but don't know where to start, here's what you need to know.

Misconceptions about CBD

Upon coming to college, my friends were skeptical regarding all the hype and the use of CBD. That is, until they sample one of my sugary Kangaroo CBD Watermelon Slices.

Before I delve into my love even further, let’s get the record straight: CBD is not weed. Weed is not CBD. A stigma often surrounds any three-letter wording starting with CB. However, CBD doesn’t make you high (hopefully you just voiced a sigh of relief, not disappointment). I just can't have you reading this article thinking I'm a massive stoner. 

Whereas THC in weed produces the effects you may have seen in Pineapple Express, such as mood alteration or even forgetfulness, CBD promotes relaxation. So, CBD shouldn’t be something you're afraid of. It isn’t packaged with a stoner cartoon or in a sketchy Ziploc bag. Conversely, the trendy entrepreneurs of CBD usually package it quite elegantly. 

Although CBD isn’t a cure-all for stress or anxiety (trust me, I know from experience), it aids in what my sisters call “my chill.” From friendly-shaped gummies to oils to joints (what my mom and dad call “doobies”), I have tried the motherload of CBD products.

Before you invest in CBD, research about its legality depending on your location. In my case, it is legal. And thank god for that.

My CBD recommendations

Now that you know a bit about CBD — and why you don't have to be afraid of it — you're probably wondering where to start shopping for your new favorite CBD product. I've got you covered. These are some of my personal recommendations for companies and products that are perfect for your first encounter with CBD.

  1. 1. Not Pot

    One of my favorite products, Not Pot, can serve as an introductory product if cannabis is something that freaks you out. Not Pot utilizes a portion of their profits to pay bail, hoping to promote a path to cannabis legalization. Relaxation and a fight against mass incarceration? I mean, this is a no-brainer.

    Not Pot offers Vegan CBD Gummies in the original strawberry flavor and a blueberry flavor for sleep, both for $42. They even have a Pet CBD Oil for $44, in case your furry friend wants to chill out with you, too.

  2. Another company I would recommend is Highline Wellness. Their products are suited more for everyday use. Their mission is to provide their users (both human and canine) with a better state of mind. This company has my five-pound Shih Tzu’s bark of approval.

    One of Highline Wellness' most popular CBD products right now is their CBD Bath Bomb ($15 for one, or $35 for a pack of three), which will take your bathtime relaxation to the next level. And like Not Pot, Highline Wellness also offers a range of CBD gummies, including the CBD Energy Gummies ($35), which provide a nice alternative to drinking those few cups of coffee before class and getting the jitters.

  3. If all of these products seem like a big leap into the confusing, overwhelming world of CBD, try a beauty product. Beauty products such as this Herbivore Emerald CBD + Adaptogens Deep Moisture Glow Oil ($58) produce a sun-kissed glow and can become a regular part of your normal beauty routine.

    You can also try out the Emerald CBD Cleansing Soap Bar for only $14. According to Herbivore's website, CBD helps with dryness and irritation, a concern that many of us are dealing with during the pandemic from washing our hands so often. Whether you use this just on your hands or keep it in the shower for an all-over scrub, it's a super easy way to incorporate CBD into your everyday life.

To my stoner and non-stoner friends, CBD is worth it. My only warning: read the dosage. My sister one time took four times the dosage because she couldn’t resist the gummy taste. The results: a stressful, stressful night.

So, as my mom drinks her tall glass of Cabernet, I take my most glorious gummy, and the world just seems slightly more OK.