8 Small Skincare Brands That'll Introduce Some Diversity into Your Routine

Skincare routines are one of the most important parts of the day. We probably all have a preferred popular brand from Target or Sephora, but what about the indie skincare brands that aren't getting enough recognition? There are so many small businesses that are of an equal, if not bettter, quality that deserve more love. 

If you love masks and moisturizers galore, and you love supporting small businesses, here are 8 skincare companies that you should know about right now, that'll add some diversity to your daily routines.

  1. 1. Soon Skincare

    Soon Skincare is a woman-owned brand known for their Korean skincare. In Korean, "soon" means smooth and pure, which is what their products are known for being. I tested out Soon’s lip mask and a sheet mask a while back, and both products were so soothing.

    They sell face masks, collagen serum, eye patch masks, lip masks, hand and foot masks and more, so if you like K-beauty, I highly recommend checking out this scrappy beauty business.

  2. 2. Cait + Co.

    Cait and Co. is another woman-owned skincare company, though the brand originally started out with soap making kits. It later expanded to a whole variety of bath, body and home products. Products by Cait and Co. include bath bombs, clay/mud masks, aromatherapy shower steamers, body creams, facial cleansers, and so much more.

    Cait and Co. also donates 5% of proceeds to the Lovin' Soap Project, which set ups workshops in countries such as India, Haiti, Tibet and Uganda to teach women and girls the art of soap making.

  3. 3. Nash and Jones

    Nash and Jones sells products that are better alternatives for your skin; ones that don't contain any harmful ingredients or chemicals. I'm talking no dyes, no mineral oils, no fillers, no perfumes and no petroleum. Plus, they're cruelty-free and use natural ingredients.

    Products by Nash and Jones include seed oil cleanser, radish root face cream, clay masks, Konjac sponges and various essentials made from bamboo and charcoal. These are great options to consider if you want to use products that contain organic ingredients.

  4. 4. Hey Honey

    Hey Honey creates products that are infused with honey and bee propolis. As a natural preservative, honey provides luxurious moisture to your skin, and makes a great everyday product.

    Hey Honey’s line includes eye serum, body honey moisturizers, facial cleansers and much more. They even have products for acne-prone skin, all honey-based! 

  5. 5. Artless Skincare

    Artless Skincare is a woman and Black-owned business that focuses on treatments for Eczema, along with a variety of other fun products. The formulas are cruelty-free and contain organic ingredients.

    Artless Skincare sells self-care products such as a bamboo soap dish, brightening clay mask, eczema bar and citrus bar. So if you want to support a Black-owned business, I recommend looking into this one.

  6. 6. BLK + GRN 

    Another Black-owned skincare brand, BLK + GRN is built on all-natural formulas and products made by Black artisans. It actually offers skincare, bath and body products, menstrual care, hair care and even groceries (mostly teas, multivitamins and turmeric powder). 

    BLK + GRN is gender neutral, and you can shop from up to 91 artisans. As far as skincare goes, they have products to help with dry and sensitive skin, eczema, dark spots, anti-aging and brightening.

  7. 7. ROSEN Skincare

    ROSEN is a Black-owned skincare brand that offers products specifically for acne. Rosen products work for all skin types and help control bumps, oily skin, acne-prone texture, scarring and dark marks, and various breakouts.

    They offer a skin quiz to help you decide which ROSEN Routine is best for you, and what products to use. Its collection includes cleansers, toners, serums and more!

  8. 8. Scrub Into A Glow Up

    Last but not least, this small skincare brand is based in my hometown and was founded by a friend of mine. Scrub Into a Glow Up is a Black-owned business that sells natural homemade body care including sugar scrubs, Zema Bars, Yoni Bars and more. If you’re new to the club, these are great products to help with dry skin and bring more moisture to your everyday routine. Your skin will be glowing once you try out these soap bars!

There’s always time to support small businesses starting with a fresh, new skincare routine with new products. Go out and show your support by looking into these amazing skincare brands!

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