I Tried Ritual Vitamins, AKA The Most Instagrammable & Pretty Vitamins In The Land

Vitamins are so ~mysterious~. Why are they so giant? Why do they smell like fish and tree bark? WTF is even in them? Sure, vitamins are supposed to make you feel healthy. They are supposed to eventually make you look and feel glorious, but the potential negative side effects (upset stomach, interrupted sleep, exhaustion) are too much, and I’m just not here for all those trade-offs.

Enter: Ritual Vitamins.

The second I saw these pretty little babies I abandoned all of my aforementioned gripes because if IG says try it, you try it. And because, you know, #health.

Ritual Vitamins are simple multivitamins created for women, by women, that don’t ask us to play the “what’s in my supplement?” game. The clear capsules are comprised of nine essential nutrients that you can actually see as opposed to the mini-vials of secrecy to which we are so accustomed. Ritual prides itself on doing away with the “pseudoscience and half-truths” of the nutrient world and provides us with a safe, healthy, no B.S. daily vitamin we will feel confident about putting into our bodies. So naturally, I wanted in on all this vitamin love, like, yesterday.

Here’s how it went down.

Ritual operates on a monthly subscription basis, so I ordered my first month’s supply immediately. The vitamins arrived in simple, chic packaging (much like the capsules themselves) with clear messaging and uncomplicated directions: take two per day for 30 days and you’ll feel amazing. Don’t mind if I do. You can take them at night or in the morning with the same results, so I chose the morning.

Swallowing two standard vitamins sounds simple, but if you have an ultra-sensitive gag reflex like mine, you’re gonna overthink it. “They’re too big, I’ll choke and die,” is the typical irrational nonsense running through my head when taking any type of pill, but surprisingly these vitamins went down super smooth. And they tasted de-lish – so minty!

Here’s what happened.

So, I had completed phase one of swallowing the pills and entered into phase two... the waiting game. Would I feel nauseous? Would I feel like a GD superhero? The suspense was totally agonizing for the first hours. And then it started to subside, and I kind of just forgot that I took them. All I felt was…normal. And normal is ah-mazing when it comes to my body’s response to vitamins.

After two weeks I noticed my energy was way up, and that’s all the confirmation I needed to become a Ritual Vitamins subscriber for life.

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