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This Is Your Sign To Make A Spell Jar At Home

Are you feeling a little out of it? Or, are you feeling the need to add a little magic to your life to find love, luck, or success? It might be time to channel your spiritual side and make a spell jar. (Yes, it’s a thing. And I’m obsessed.)

If you haven’t practiced magic before, or if you are still kinda new, this mini magic elixir might be the perfect introduction. A spell jar is a jar of any size, filled with crystals and herbs related to a specific intention and then sealed with wax to lock all of the energy in. The energy within the crystals and herbs turns your manifestations true and positive energy will flood your life — almost like a miniature version of an altar. Plus, it just looks really cute, and who doesn’t love some decor that attracts good energy

Cosmic Dreams Apothecary in Islip, New York features a “Spell Bar” in their shop. Created by co-owner Gina Gentile, the Spell Bar is basically a buffet of crystals and herbs that you can turn into personalized spell jars. However, not everyone can be so lucky to take a trip to the Spell Bar. So, to learn more about how to make the perfect spell jar, I chatted with Kaela McKenna, a practicing witch and the co-owner of Cosmic Dreams Apothecary. Hold onto your crystals, bestie — it’s about to get spiritual up in here.

do your research on spell jars.

First, while spell jars, crystals, and herbs can seem like harmless fun, it’s important to remind yourself that there’s some definite magic when it comes to these items. “If it’s your first time stepping into [witchcraft], I suggest definitely doing your research,” McKenna tells Her Campus. “I wouldn’t say to just willy nilly go at it and throw some herbs in [a jar], you need to make sure that you’re correlating [what you’re doing] to [whatever you’re manifesting.]”

You can go to a local crystal shop, do some research online, or find a friend who is a practicing witch to learn more. “We’re making sure that all of our energy is placed in then you can rest assured that your magic will be coming out,” says McKenna. “We all have magic within us.”

Start by finding a jar.

To make your own spell jar, you need to find the most important part: the jar, duh! Your jar can come from anywhere: an old tomato sauce jar, the thrift store, your mom’s basement, or a random vial from your old scientist playset. (This is a great opportunity for an upcycling moment).

After you find your jar, take some time to cleanse it. Who wants negative energy or bad vibes in their shiny new spell jar? Start by giving the jar a regular wash or cleanse with moon water (aka, water that has been charged by the light of a full moon). Then, you can cleanse it with sound by using a sound bowl, bell, or high vibrational frequencies to remove any negative energy

“For smoke cleansing, you can use Palo Santo, any type of sage, or any incense,” McKenna says. “And for sound, you can use anything that will make a lot of noise to vibrate vibrationally and take the energy out, like a singing bowl or a bell.”

Fill your spell jar with herbs, crystals, and good intentions.

You can set a spell jar intention for literally anything that you feel your soul needs: some extra confidence, stronger intimacy, protection, or even a new job. If there has been something weighing on you, this is a good way to manifest peace and positivity.

Once you know your intention or the goal you want to achieve with this spell jar, it’s time to fill it up. If you aren’t sure what crystals or herbs to add, no worries — a quick google search, or chat with an expert, will help. 

“The beauty of doing spell jars is that herbs can correlate to a lot of different things,” says McKenna. Certain herbs can represent different energies, feelings, or manifestations: For instance, lavender is associated with love, and basil is representative of peace. 

You can grab your dried herbs from a mystic shop, or shop for ’em at your local farmer’s market or grocery store. For crystals, head to a mystic shop or find a reputable distributor online. Remember: your spell jar must be filled with ethically-sourced items. Otherwise, you’re opening yourself up to a lot of negative energy. 

Before sealing your jar, cleanse the whole thing again just to make sure your crystals and herbs are void of negative energy or impure intentions.

Seal your spell jar with wax.

Now that your jar is full of herbs crystals, and intentions, it’s time to seal it up. Sealing the jar with wax is its own kind of magic. “The biggest thing that I will always say is to make sure that when you are [sealing your spell jar], place your energy into it,” says McKenna. 

Additionally, it’s important to know that the color of wax, in candle magic correlates to the powers of the seal. McKenna encourages using black wax for protection, white for new beginnings, green for money, pink for self-love, and red for intimacy. 

Not sure what to use? “White is always going to be holding protection, holding new beginnings holding peace and harmony,” says McKenna.

3 Recipes for your first spell jar:

McKenna has spells jars for all kinds of things. She keeps them in her car, by her doorway, and even makes spell jar earrings sometimes. If you love the idea of this healing spiritual practice, but still aren’t sure about the direction you want to take, here are some of McKenna’s go-to combinations to bring only the most positive vibes to your life. 

For abundance & prosperity:
  • Spearmint: to remove negative energy & protect prosperity.
  • Calendula: for protection.
  • Patchouli: for prosperity and abundance.
  • Basil: for protection.
  • Dandelion: for growth.
  • Clear Quartz: to amplify intentions.
  • Smoky Quartz: to bring emotional calmness.
  • Money: to attract wealth.

Seal with green wax to attract wealth and abundance, and place it near your wallet or where you work.

For self-love:
  • Rose petals: for feminine intuition and love. 
  • Rosemary: to channel the powers of Aphrodite. 
  • Lavender: for peace.
  • Rose Quartz: for love.
  • Citrine: for love and confidence.

Seal with pink wax for self-love, and place it at your bedside or wherever you will see it daily.

For protection:
  • Mugwort: for protection.
  • Black salt: for protection.
  • Jasmine: for confidence.
  • Lavender: for love and peace.
  • Chamomile: for luck and good fortune.
  • Red jasper: for grounding.
  • Labradorite: to stabilize your aura. 
  • Black onyx: for protection.

Seal with black wax for protection, and place under your pillow or bed.

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