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Hard Launch Your Relationship With These IG Captions

Now that you’ve officially locked down a relationship, those allusive Instagram stories of the side of your partner’s face need to be uncropped and taken to the grid. After all, nothing embodies the sanctity of a new relationship like some unmistakable hard launch Instagram captions. Your public debut as partners will be the talk of the town (group chats) for roughly 12-24 hours, so you might as well make it your moment, right? 

However, navigating how to approach your hard launch is no easy task. The line between cringey and sweet is about as clear as your situationship was before you became official. And, you have to strike a balance between a cheeky caption and one that your grandma won’t call you confused about. The pictures you choose are undeniably important, but the caption sets the tone for the entire post. I mean, a picture of y’all holding hands feels a lot different with a caption that says “pending group chat approval” versus “meet the love of my life.” That’s why I put together a list of the 55 best hard launch Instagram captions that’ll have everyone, even that creepy guy who’s always sliding into your DM’s swooning over your relationship.

  1. just us.
  2. dibs!
  3. my main squeeze.
  4. playing for keeps.
  5. plot twist.
  6. pending group chat approval.
  7. all mine.
  8. ship.
  9. locked in.
  10. jump scare.
  11. congratulations are in order.
  12. probation period.
  13. word on the street.
  14. good egg.
  15. your new favorite couple.
  16. dms are officially closed for business.
  17. we did it, Joe.
  18. can’t get rid of [her/him/them].
  19. thank you, [insert dating app you met on].
  20. off the market.
  21. just as shocked as you are.
  22. finally, a face to put to that side profile.
  23. in my girlfriend era.
  24. mom/dad approved.
  25. fresh out of the situationship.
  26. in good company.
  27. instagram, meet [name of SO].
  28. she’s/he’s/they’re obsessed with me.
  29. face reveal!
  1. soft launch, who?
  2. by your side.
  3. this one.
  4. we’re just friends.
  5. pov you deleted your dating apps.
  6. the girls approve.
  7. it’s about time.
  8. newest addition.
  9. guess who?
  10. got a thing for you.
  11. otp. 
  12. been keeping this one to myself.
  13. no longer accepting SO applications, thank you to everyone who applied!
  14. it’s always you.
  15. caught a good one.
  16. alexa, play “one less lonely girl” by justin bieber.
  17. butterflies.
  18. yes, they’re real.
  19. lucky to have you.
  20. let me introduce you.
  21. other half.
  22. u & me.
  23. stuck with you.
  24. just the beginning.
  25. lifetime subscription.
  26. hard launch.

Whether you’re going for silly or romantic, there’s a caption that’ll create the vibe that you’re looking for. Oh, and they’re all in lowercase because a hard launch is so much cuter without any capital letters. Now, get picking and relish in the thrill of a hard launch.

Tess is a wellness editorial intern for Her Campus with a passion for covering stories about mental health, culture, relationships, and overall wellness. Tess is currently in her final semester at Chapman University studying broadcast journalism and documentary film. Outside of class, you can find her in a yoga class, on a hike, or watching absurd reality TV.