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Is Elderberry Worth the Hype? I Tried These 2 Products to Find Out

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You may be fatigued by any mention of COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean you should be caring any less about your health. Natural remedies and regimens have risen to popularity on social media platforms in recent years, but one that definitely stands out is elderberry. A few different brands have started offering products incorporating elderberry, like MaryRuth Organics and Emergen-C. But is elderberry worth the hype? Let’s take a closer look at these two brands and, specifically, some of the elderberry products that they offer! 

Before reading any further, know that you should consult your doctor before consuming any form of elderberry if you are or will be taking any medications in addition to your consumption of any form of elderberry, and if you currently have health conditions, have previously had health conditions and/or will have any health conditions. Do not consume any form of raw or uncooked elderberries, or raw, uncooked, processed or cooked leaves, stems, seeds, barks, and/or roots of the elderberry plant, as consumption may be hazardous.

What's so great about elderberry?

According to an article by Mary Mosquera Cochran, a registered dietitian at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, "Elderberries are nutritional powerhouses: One cup of elderberries contains 97 percent of the recommended daily amount (RDA) for vitamin A and 57 percent of the RDA for vitamin C. They’re also an excellent source of potassium and fiber." Sounds good to me!

However, unlike strawberries, raspberries, or other fruits that you can eat right away, you should be careful not to eat raw elderberries — they need to be cooked to get rid of a toxic substance that can cause side effects like nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. That's where elderberry supplements such as syrups or powders (like the ones offered by MaryRuth Organics and Emergen-C) come in: you can enjoy the delicious taste and health benefits without risking getting sick.

Read on for my thoughts on two elderberry products that I tried.

MaryRuth Organics Elderberry Drops (1 oz)

Mary Ruth Organics, maryruthorganics.com, $24, shop now

I preferred this product because its functionality suits my busy lifestyle. Whether it is on Zoom or in person, college classes require attention and focus, so a less time-consuming product is ideal. I thought it was simple to add the listed dosage of droplets to my cup of water and begin my day with the feeling that I was consuming something healthy. I typically enjoy spinach and kale smoothies as my morning boost, but I chose to substitute this product in place and didn’t feel a tremendous difference in my energy. 

Emergen-C Core Elderberry Powder

Emergen-C, target.com, $10, shop now 

You may or may not have already tried Emergen-C’s products in other flavors. Regardless, this specific product needs to be mentioned. It comes in a box and has packets of a powder form of elderberry. I thought that the packet made it easier to add this to my water, and it was an easy enjoyable process that didn’t disrupt my daily routine. I also went ahead and stirred my drink after pouring my packet of elderberry powder into it.

Pros and cons of elderberry supplements

On the positive side, as someone who is less equipped for a time-consuming health and wellness routine, the ability to add elderberry to my daily routine without having to change too much was a major plus. But at the same time, I realized that it was essential to be disciplined when beginning a new health regimen. If you are less organized with your morning or night time routine, then you may want to skip out on trying a new product. Luckily, both the drops and the powder can be added to water (which you're supposed to be drinking anyway!), making them pretty convenient, and I did feel healthier and energized for using them.

Both MaryRuth Organics and Emergen- C have elderberry products that are easy to fit into your daily routine. With that being said, be sure to carefully read any listed ingredients, instructions for usage, and instructions on who should or should not consume them before you decide to purchase any of them.

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Victoria Marsh is a recent graduate of Elon University with a Bachelor of Arts in English!
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