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6 Crystals For Venus Retrograde To Add To Your Collection

Everyone’s seen the memes on social media that blame Mercury being in retrograde for basically anything negative that happens. But what about Venus retrograde, which started on July 22 and ends Sept. 3? Well, it’s actually a great time of the year. What is Venus retrograde, you ask? Scientifically, it basically means that Venus as a planet is slowing down, and even looks like it’s going backwards. Spiritually, it means so much more. By having Venus in retrograde and in the spotlight, it’s a perfect time to open yourself up and reflect on your life, and using crystals to do this during Venus retrograde will set you up for success.. 

For each retrograde, there are a few particular Zodiac signs that are affected more than others. (If you’re wondering, for this Venus retrograde, those chosen signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.) But I don’t believe this is necessarily true. Of course, if you’re manifesting and feel you’re meant to achieve more, you will. But how about we speed up the process for everyone? 

Recently, I have been exposed to the world of quality crystals. Crystals — finding them, buying them, and using them — can be a different experience for everyone. For me, I love the beauty of earth’s creation and the manifestation it brings out in me. For others, crystals can be portals for magic, or vessels to hold wishes. For some, maybe they just love their look and want a collection. Venus retrograde can inspire some great life transformations, and crystals can, too. Here are six crystals to add to your personal collection during Venus retrograde. 

For Creativity: Carnelian

Carnelian can inspire your confidence as well as your creativity.

For Growth: Lodolite

Lodolite helps to visualize what you’re doing and where you’re going. It gives you a sense of peace in your actions. 

For new beginnings: Flower agate

Flower Agate is a crystal of growth and manifestation. It can help you overcome obstacles in order to reach the resources you need.

For romance: Amethyst

Amethyst comes in several forms, but it almost always inspires romantic love in your life. And it’s pretty gorgeous, too.

For friendship: Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a beautiful crystal full of communication and good vibes. It’s a perfect crystal to share with friends to tighten bonds.

For abundance: Green garnet

Green Garnet promotes abundance and manifestation. It helps you reach whatever goals you’ve set for yourself.

Bridget Anderson is a HerCampus National contributor writing from Texas. She focuses on wellness coverage, primarily about mental health issues, but she also loves writing about personal experiences and life in general. Outside of her HerCampus work, Bridget writes poetry and creative short stories. Her poetry has been featured in several publications and she has won multiple awards for her narrative writing. She is currently a senior at Baylor University where she studies English and political science. As a part time job, Bridget tutors the Baylor athletes in all things writing. In her everyday life, outside of pleasure writing, Bridget spends her time watching Beat Bobby Flay and random Disney movies while snuggling with her two rescue dogs Gus and Genie. She’s an avid reader but always makes time for coffee dates with her best girlfriends.