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6 Crystals For Virgo Season That Are Spiritual Essentials

With summer coming to a close, it’s time to enter the fall semester thinking of self-care and reflection: After all, it is Virgo season! During this time, adding certain crystals for Virgo season (and manifestation) to your collection might help in your own spiritual healing journey.

Virgo season begins on Aug. 23 and ends on Sept. 22. This sign is governed by Mercury, the messenger planet of communication. Typically characterized as the goddess of wheat and agriculture, Virgo demonstrates a strong connection to its representative category: Earth. Virgos are said to be logical, loyal, and hardworking — they are eager to improve their lifestyle in any way possible. 

Correspondingly, the season of Virgo calls for reflection and correction — a time to fix what may not be working most efficiently in your life.

This year, Virgo will coincide with the end of this summer’s Venus Retrograde and Mercury Retrograde, as the messenger planet will move backward through Virgo from Aug. 23 to Sept. 15. Not to worry, though — this just signifies a time of reflection and meditation on the past, giving you a chance to focus on your own self-improvement. 

As we exit the Venus Retrograde on Sept. 3, and enter the upcoming Mercury Retrograde, the rest of Virgo season is open to implement the goals you’ve set out for yourself and set new boundaries. This cycle will attract the necessary spirit to help you hone in on your emotional needs and reflect on what changes you can make in your life right now. So, here are six crystals that’ll channel your goals and echo your manifestations:

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is the primary Virgo birthstone, often associated with wisdom and its benefits for mental, emotional, and spiritual self-discipline. The crystal helps to activate a deeper level of consciousness and is said to have the potential to focus your psychic and intuitive abilities. Using this stone during Virgo season may help fulfill your purpose at this time in your life, whatever it may be.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate,, another of the Virgo birthstones, is a great crystal for grounding and connecting to your higher self, boosting self-esteem, and cleansing negative energy. It also helps with mental stimulation and clarity. This stone might prepare you emotionally to enter a new era of efficiency and self-improvement.


Peridot is often said to calm nerves and ease feelings of anxiety. By opening the heart chakra, this crystal might help you counter perfectionist habits and negative affirmations. While you may take this time to focus on lifestyle improvements, Peridot can empower you to take control of your destiny and shift your mindset to one of positivity.


Similar to the role of Blue Sapphire, Amethyst can help elevate your intuition and spiritual consciousness, helping you access your psychic abilities and highest level of creativity. During Virgo season, this crystal can inspire a peaceful state of mind at a time when you might be experiencing heightened compassion and empathy. Amethyst can further enhance your meditation, and release calming energy to increase focus.


Carnelian is a stone that has been used for its meditative properties — it primarily helps to boost confidence, increase motivation, and sharpen ambition. As the era of retrospection and reflection comes to a close, using this crystal in meditation and manifestation can push you to release poor habits and inspire you to take action! With Carnelian, you can embrace necessary change and carry out new aspirations and intentions.


Amazonite may restore and revitalize your mental and emotional health, possibly helping you to develop a deeper spiritual understanding. The stone is said to block harmful frequencies from your surroundings and encourages good luck and fortune by “honoring your truth.” As you begin Virgo season, Amazonite’s effect on the nervous system may soothe tension and boost positivity.

The perks of using crystals are typically associated with cleansing unnecessary factors or manifesting desirable ones. So, make the most out of this fresh start by adding these crystals to your collection and welcoming your desired future to bite at your heels!

Sonia Michelle Yetming is a Her Campus National Writer at the University of Tampa, where she primarily covers subjects like mental and physical health, sex & relationships, astrology, and wellness. As a UTampa transfer, Sonia is continuing her studies in Criminology and Film & Media Arts and will graduate in the year 2025. Her curiosity in Criminology demonstrates her academic activity, while her artistic and creative skills are practiced in film acting, production, and editing. When she is not pursuing academic and career opportunities, Sonia’s free time is mostly at home watching a movie, or at coffee shops with friends!