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It’s *Been* Time To Follow These Black Wellness Creators & Activists On Social Media

In celebration of Black History Month, it’s important to talk about the representation (or lack thereof) of Black wellness creators in social media. The idea is not only about bringing more diversity to your feed, it’s about providing Black wellness creators with the platform they deserve in an oftentimes white-washed industry. 

But why else is representation in the wellness space so important? People of color face different challenges than their white counterparts, especially when it comes to social media. The reality is that the Black community is having a hard time being seen in the predominantly white wellness world. But, luckily, there are a ton of Black wellness creators who are creating content to diversify the wellness community on social media and beyond. With that being said, here are five Black wellness creators to follow on your socials, ASAP:

Jade Kearny

Jade Kearny’s goal is to improve health outcomes for Black women. She is the creator of She Matters, a digital health platform that supports and empowers Black women by providing access to community, healthcare providers, and culturally relevant resources for the Black community. 

Deun Ivory

Director and founder of The Body: A Home for Love, Deun Ivory centers on providing a community that uses wellness to empower Black women, especially sexual-assault survivors. She thinks that it’s essential that in order to prioritize your healing and self-care, it’s important to feel seen, celebrated, and heard. 

Francheska Medina

YouTuber and podcaster, Francheska Medina is yet another wellness influencer focused on making wellness practitioners more accessible for Black women. She works with a group of Black female wellness advocates and practitioners to make her vision come true. 

Tricia Hersey

The Nap Ministry, founded by Tricia Hersey, is a safe space to talk about the importance of rest as a liberating power and its relationship with racial and social issues. She offers strategies for sleep wellness and educates on Black liberation and healing. 

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Finally, for the Peleton users out there, Dr. Chelsea is a recognizable face. Her social media is focused on yoga, mindfulness, fitness, and meditation, and she shares her life with vulnerability. Over 200k accounts follow her for her daily doses of encouragement and mindfulness, myself included.

Claudia Colon is an English Literature major and premed student at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. She's a National Feature Writer for Her Campus and when she isn't overwhelmed with the study of Shakespeare and chemistry formulas, you can find her watching anime, playing video games or journaling. She aspires to become an amazing doctor while never loosing sight of her love for the arts.