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Ariana Madix Knows What You’re Saying About Her, & She Doesn’t Care

Maybe you’re a loyal Vanderpump Rules watcher, or maybe you’ve seen her face splashed across magazine covers as you scan your groceries. And since we’re in the digital age, viral clips of the multi-hyphenate have likely found their way onto your FYP or Instagram Explore page. Regardless of where you’ve seen her, Ariana Madix is everywhere.

It doesn’t matter what she says or does at this point: Madix knows people will have something to say about her, and she’s at peace with that. After all, the Vanderpump Rules star has been in the public eye for 10 years, and although her private life and relationships have become extremely public, she’s not going away any time soon.

“You just have to do what’s right for you and stay true to yourself,” Madix tells Her Campus in an exclusive interview. “That’s not easy, of course, but I think some ways of going about that are just, honestly, ignoring things.”

While Madix made a name for herself as a reality television show staple, her talents extend far beyond that. Sitting in her New York City apartment, Madix is gearing up for her final week as Roxie Hart in the official Broadway production of Chicago, which ends on April 8. “I’m having so much fun. The cast and the crew at the Ambassador [Theater] are the most fun people and we’re all having a great time working together — I’m going to miss them a lot when I’m not there anymore,” she says.

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Naturally, folks had a lot to say when Chicago announced that Madix would be starring as Roxie Hart at the Ambassador Theater. But by the time the curtains closed on opening night and Madix took her first bow, she solidified herself as a talented actress, singer, and dancer worthy of her flowers.

“When I’m performing, I’m kind of allowing myself to feel feelings that I don’t necessarily know how to put words,” Madix says. “Whether it’s performing myself or going to shows, music is very important to me.”

Performing on Broadway wasn’t just a lifelong dream for Madix; it was also a way for her to reclaim her life after months of scrutiny. And with her new partnership with BIC EasyRinse, Madix is continuing to “unclog” negativity in her life to focus on a smoother future. 

But for as confident as Madix seems, getting those clogs out of her life isn’t something that comes naturally to her. “I consider myself a very upfront, honest person, but at the same time, I can be a little bit of a people pleaser in terms of putting aside what I really want to make someone else happy or try to do everything that’s being asked,” Madix says. “I think that one of the best ways to unclog negativity is to just say ‘no’ to things. I mean, I love a ‘yes’ era, but sometimes it’s important to say ‘no.’”

BIC EasyRinse

So, what does a smooth lifestyle look like for Madix? It starts with indulging in a bit of self-care, especially after a long night of performing. “I definitely need to replenish [after performing]. I need to have something to eat,” Madix says. “I wash my face, I put on serum and moisturizer, take a really, really, really hot shower, and then I go to bed as quickly as possible. I have these little sleep gummies that I got at Duane Reade — they put me to sleep very quickly.”

Living a smoother lifestyle doesn’t mean that Madix is done taking risks. If anything, she believes that taking leaps of faith are essential to living your best life. “I have to say, as someone who made some major changes over the years, I think the biggest thing is to know that you’ll be OK and to just go for it,” Madix says. “If it’s something that you want, do it and do it now.”

With her Chicago run coming to an end, Madix is taking time to focus on herself, her partnership with BIC EasyRinse, and all of the projects piling up on her plate. And if people have an issue with that, Madix has no problem taking the smoother path. “I don’t need to know what everyone’s saying,” she says. “It’s not important to me at all.”

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