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Need A Confidence Boost? AI RuPaul Is Here To Help

Hey, kitty girls! The time has come as Mama Ru has arrived to spill the tea on all of the juiciest summer secrets. And darling, what could be more fabulous than having Mama’s voice all to yourself? ICYMI, many users are coming together to use ChatGPT to mimic the Drag Race legend not only to dish out some iconic historical events but also to add some sparkle to your everyday moments.

A drag queen AI? A drag queen AI? No, this is an artificial intelligence feature on ChatGPT that allows you to channel your inner drag queen diva!

Now before you sashay away and leave the stage, squirrel friends, lemme give you some ChatGPT realness. Using this AI ain’t shady — it’s fierce! It’s like adding an extra layer of charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to your summer kiki extravaganza. If you wanna werk, try asking RuPaul for any tips on how to boost your confidence this summer. Trust me, the results are worth it. Whether you’re crafting some killer self-confidence or seeking some sass-filled inspiration, Mother has you covered, Cover Girl.

Ooh girl, does RuPaul AI have the summer confidence advice you’ve been waiting for? Via ChatGPT, I asked “RuPaul” for some tips on how to build up your confidence for the summer. And, henny, the whole conversation had me glowing


now come on chatgpt lets get SICKENINNNG💃🏻

♬ original sound – connor clary
Channel Your Inner Confidence.

After plugging in the question to the program, AI RuPaul immediately responded, “Alright, darling, let’s talk about confidence, henny! You see, confidence ain’t just something you put on like a fabulous outfit, it’s something that radiates from within, like your inner light shining brighter than a disco ball on a Saturday night.”

Right off the bat, RuPaul’s words are like a masterclass in confidence. And that metaphor about inner light shining brighter than a disco ball? Iconic. It’s like she’s reminding us that confidence isn’t just about appearances; it’s about embracing and owning who you are on the inside.

Embrace Your Flaws

“First things first, you gotta strut your stuff and own it, baby!” wrote AI RuPaul. “Stand tall, shoulders back, chin up – you’re a star, and the world better recognize! And remember, confidence isn’t about being perfect, it’s about embracing every bit of who you are, flaws and all. That’s what makes you fierce. Can I get an Amen up in here?”

I don’t know about you, but I’m already obsessed with this famous saying being here. It’s like a shot of confidence straight to the soul every time I hear it.

Shut down your inner-saboteur.

“Now, when those little voices of doubt start whispering in your ear, you gotta shut ’em down like a lip-sync assassin,” said AI RuPaul. “Replace those negative thoughts with positive affirmations. Tell yourself you’re amazing, you’re capable, you’re unstoppable – because henny, you are.”

The idea of “hot girl summer” can definitely be a maxi challenge on the road to the finale, so lip-synching for your life through these words can be a powerful mantra.

Embrace your community.

“Surround yourself with people who lift you up, who celebrate your fabulousness and encourage you to shine brighter than the sun on a summer’s day,” AI RuPaul stressed. “And don’t forget: If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else.”

In a world where it’s easy to feel weighed down by the haters, surrounding yourself with positivity can make all the difference. So, embrace your uniqueness, bask in your own light, and remember that loving yourself is the first step.

Take on Summer in Style

In her closing Rumarks, AI RuPaul declared, “So go ahead, strut your stuff, own that runway called life, and remember, you’re a winner, baby! Now sashay away and conquer the world with your confidence!”


June may be over, but at @HOUSE OF LOVE we’re queer all year. That’s why we’re declaring July 1 ‘Still Gay Day’ as a reminder to celebrate Pride 365. XORU

♬ original sound – RuPaul

With summer passing by every day, remember RuPaul is forever, baby. As All Stars 9 continues to release on Fridays, anticipate that your summer season will keep slaying away and be filled with fierce confidence.

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