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Everyone knows that you’re supposed to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. It’s been ingrained in our heads since kindergarten, but that doesn’t mean we’ve always followed the rules. Here’s how you can change your drinking habits, and in turn, stay hydrated.

1. Get a HydraTrak water bottle

The Planet Zak water bottle serves as a visual representation of how much water you’ve been drinking that day. The bottle has eight bands to represent the eight cups you should be drinking per day. When you gulp down one cup, move one band up to show that you’ve finished it. You’ll find yourself motivated to move eight bands by the end of the day.

2. Set alarms

This is a noisier option, but it works! Set eight alarms, spaced out evenly throughout your day, and drink a cup of water whenever they ring. It’s a constant reminder to drink water. Depending on when you wake up and when you go to sleep, place alarms for even increments throughout your day. If you space it out evenly, you should be ready and thirsty for the next alarm to sound!

3. Infuse it with fruit

If plain water sounds boring to you, there are ways you can make it taste delicious. By infusing water with combinations of fruits, veggies and herbs, you can make it taste as good as a sugary drink. Classic combinations include: strawberry with basil, lemon with mint, and watermelon with cucumber.

4. Carry water everywhere

If you always have water to drink, you’ll drink it! “I always carry around a big water cup with me and I drink a ton of water subconsciously! There are tons of cute patterns you can choose from,” says Rachel Petty, a recent graduate from James Madison University, “After getting into the habit, I can’t imagine not doing it.” As Rachel notes, carrying around designed water bottle is key to having enough water around to drink throughout the day.

5. Download an app

Your phone is always on you and is a great way to remind you to rehydrate throughout the day. Install apps like Daily Water and Waterlogged to set reminders and track your water intake. Daily Water allows you to set your own goal and plan your own “drinking schedule” with reminders. Waterlogged lets you take a photo of the water you are drinking and automatically logs in the right amount for you.

6. Set quotas

Typically, people eat three meals a day and a few snacks here and there. Use this pattern to plan your water drinking accordingly! Drink two glasses per meal and one glass per snack. This way, you will total up eight or more cups of water per day. 

7. Cut out sugary drinks

If you get rid of soda and other unhealthy drinks, you will be drinking much more water. Plus, you’ll be a lot healthier too. By ditching these unhealthy drinks, water will become the only drink you need!

8. Whiteboard reminder

Megan Scavo, a junior at the University of Central Florida, uses a whiteboard to remind her to drink water daily: “Putting a whiteboard on your fridge and writing a reminder to have a glass of water before breakfast is a method I use. I used to never drink water, and this helps a lot.” If you don’t have a whiteboard, you can also easily use post-its around your house to constantly remind you to hydrate.

Using these eight easy tips, you’ll be hydrated in no time!

Zaynah Javed is a Her Campus Feature Writer, freshman at the University of California, Berkeley, and a Chicago native. Her interests include all things science and politics. She has a strong passion for astronomy and outer space, leading her to pursue it as a minor. She is an advocate and volunteer for organizations such as The Planetary Society, which encourages space exploration. She plans on majoring in Public Health, as she believes healthcare is a fundamental right and loves the mix of politics, government, and biology that it offers.
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