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There’s an overflow of heart-shaped chocolates at your local grocery store and it seems like every mailing list hitting your inbox is eager to make your V-Day plans. Though for some of us Valentine’s is the best time to spend with that special someone, this year that special someone probably is going to be our pet or our favorite takeout menu. The pandemic threw a wrench in many of our dating plans and while going out with someone seemed like an exciting activity just two years ago, now it seems like a tedious job with first date questions including, “So, when were you last tested for COVID-19?” …Not the most romantic way to start a relationship (even though it’s totally necessary). So if you’re tired of dating and want to spend this Valentine’s Day by yourself, you’ve come to the right place. 

From sultry lingerie to the most exciting erotica novels, make this Valentine’s Day about you. Buy yourself something from this carefully curated “sexy” list and take a day off. Who says you can’t be your own date for Valentine’s Day? This February 14th, open up a bottle of red wine, light some candles, and spend your evening with one of these eight gifts listed below – you won’t be sorry.

Savage X Fenty Candy Hearts Lace Teddy

Give in to your desire for hearts and candy with this sultry lace teddy. You can also accessorize it up and have a fun, flirty photoshoot with your friends. The lace is comfortable without being itchy, so you can wear it all day long if you want. You can even pair this teddy with a pair of jet black leggings and wear it on your next night out on the town. (Just make sure you hand-wash it — don’t dump it in your washing machine.) 

Savage X Fenty, $65 ($25 for VIPs), shop now

Passionflix subscription

If you’re a big fan of romance novels, you’ll love Passionflix. Passionflix adapts your favorite romance novels into movies. The most notable titles include Afterburn/Aftershock and Gabriel’s Inferno, adapted from the romance novels by the same name. They add new titles pretty regularly, adapted from famous romance books, and they even give you access to certain famous romance movies like Two Night Stand, Taco Shop, Company We Keep and more. Once you’re subscribed, you’ll be clocking in hours on this streaming platform. 

If you don’t know what to watch, just check the Passionflix “Barometer of Naughtiness” and let the algorithm choose a sizzling movie to cozy up with this Valentine’s Day. 

Passionflix, $6 per month, shop now

 Crave Vesper Vibrator




You don’t need a partner to get some heat between the sheets! This fan-favorite vibrator doubles as a stylish necklace. There’s four vibration presets so you can easily personalize this vibrator to your liking. It’s also practically soundless if you’re looking for something discreet. (Remember though, it’s for “external” use only!) You’ll also love the design: it comes in tons of different metallic shades, so you can choose a style that matches your aesthetic. 

Crave, Amazon, starting at $69, shop now

Lush Love Me Do Bath Bomb

Let your worries fade away this V-Day with this rose-colored fizzer. Drop this bath bomb into warm water and inhale the citrusy, lavender fragrance for a zen state of mind. There’s even rose essence that will leave your skin smelling like flowers all night long. Light up some candles, cue up your favorite feel-good playlist and sink into the bath of your dreams. You’ll never want to leave this scented, rose-pink water. 

Lush, $9, shop now

The Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day

There’s nothing better than a good romance novel to curl up in bed with. The Crossfire Series stars Gideon and Eva, two characters with dark pasts hoping to beat the odds and find love in the big city. Day’s writing does a great job of reeling you in immediately into this series and before long, you’ll have spent hours reading all the books. There’s also a ton of steamy scenes that will make you want to dim the lights and pour yourself a glass of wine… For fans of Fifty Shades Of Grey, or erotica novels in general, it doesn’t get any better than this. You’ll get caught up in Gideon and Eva’s romance in an instant. For more feel-good eroticas like this make sure to read Gabriel’s Inferno, Driven, or This Man.

Sylvia Day, Amazon, $36 (was $62), shop now

Sona 2 Cruise Vibrator

One of my favorite sex toys for beginners, the Sona 2 Cruise is discreet, compact and extremely powerful. There’s 12 preset vibration settings, so you can choose one that suits your needs, and it’s even waterproof, so carry it with you the next time you take a luxurious bath. This toy is also intuitive — the harder you press it against your skin, the higher in intensity this vibrator gets. It’s made from soft, silky silicone so you’ll love how it feels against your skin. Trust me, you don’t need a partner to make you scream. Buy the Sona 2 Cruise and lose yourself in hours of bliss. 

Lelo, $139, shop now

Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Modal Robe

This super-soft, light robe will have you feeling comfy all day long. It’s available in a couple of different colors, including a lush jet black that will give you Maleficent vibes. There’s even lace detailing on the sleeves and the hem, giving this robe a romantic, sultry look. Wear it while you’re reading a book or just lounging while watching some Netflix — you’ll never feel sexier. It’s even machine washable, so feel free to toss it in there once you’re done with your day of indulgence.

Victoria’s Secret, $60 shop now

The Tub Kit by Maude

Maude is a sexual wellness company that designs products to help you embrace your sexy side. The Tub Kit has soaking bath salts and a coconut milk bath, all designed to make you feel as sensual and relaxed as possible. Lose yourself in a blissful bath with nourishing vitamins and minerals. Your skin will never feel softer. Buy this bath essential and get all the self-care you need on this day of love. 

Maude, $32, shop now


Stay sexy and comfortable this Valentine’s Day and practice the art of self-love. One or all of these products will be sure to get you there. 

  Nishka Dhawan is an NYU alumnus. She graduated with a double major in Psychology and Journalism and has been a freelance writer and blogger ever since. She's written for CNN Underscored, Mogul, and most recently started working as a tech writer for Digital Trends. When she's not writing you can find her nestling in with a good book while listening to her favorite tunes. Reach out to her at nishka1997@gmail.com to share your controversial opinions and stories.