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5 Ways To Get A Workout In 15 Minutes or Less

Between classes, a social life, and insane amounts of homework, it’s not hard to imagine why some college students pack on the freshman 15, even after freshman year. Finding time to go to the gym can be hard, especially if you don’t live particularly close to the gym or if it’s winter and the last thing you want to do is go for a run outside. But we have found five workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own room—and they only take about 10-15 minutes! Ladies on the Her Campus team have tested each one out and we can confirm that they are effective, quick, and give you no excuse to skip out on a workout. Start throwing these workouts into your routine and you’ll be a dorm room workout pro by the time you step on campus. 

1. Nike Trainer

Thank goodness for smartphones; it turns out that they can be used for more than just texting, calling, and Instagramming. The Nike Trainer App is a free app for iPhones and Androids. It will become your new best friend… or at least your new personal trainer. Former HC intern, Laci, swears by this app that lets you take your pick from either a full, 4-month long program, or smaller Drill Packs that are 10-15 minute concentrated workouts. Choose what kind of training you want to do, such as endurance, strength, speed or power, and let the pros take it from there. Each pack goes along with a pro athlete that matches the workout, and by the end of enough of the 10 or so minute routines, you might just feel like you could take on the Olympics. You can preview what each workout includes, and the play-by-play video shows you exactly how you should be doing each move so there is no previous knowledge necessary. Plus, you can keep yourself motivated and working towards a goal with a personal “score” that saves on your account.

2. Pieces in Progress

Sometimes workouts and fitness plans can seem overwhelming and unrealistic. But when you can see someone like you, a young collegiette, change her life and become healthier and more active, that can serve as the perfect inspiration for you to do the same. Pieces in Progress is written by a collegiette from Bucknell University who transformed her life and her health through workouts and a healthy diet, and she shares how she did this so she can inspire others to do the same. These “At Home Workouts” are broken down into minute-by-minute increments, telling you exactly how long to do what move. Most of the workouts have three, ten-minute parts to them, so you can pick which part you want to do, or you can do all three if you have time! Each section is also labeled by what area of the body it focuses on, so you can customize that to your preference too. Elizabeth from Clemson University swears by these workouts, and the healthy recipes are a bonus!

3. PilatesAnytime

Pilates is a great form of exercise that tightens your muscles and works your body in all the right places. But many Pilates classes are usually an hour long, and when you have to go to a studio for the class that can take up a lot of time during your day. There’s another option: PilatesAnytime.com brings the workout to your home, dorm, or really wherever you want, and it lets you do Pilates on your own time. Instead of devoting a whole hour or more to a Pilates class, you can log on to this website at your convenience and choose your own 15-minute workout. Christina from California Polytechnic State University recommends this site, because even if you only have a few minutes to spare, you can still fit a killer Pilates workout into your schedule! If you want more options for time-efficient Pilates, check out the Pocket Pilates App. This app gives you workouts for different locations, your room, at your desk, or on vacation, and it caters to those specific environments or time restrictions.

4. 8-Minute Abs

If you can’t find any apps that suit your fancy, then turn to the next best technological trainer: YouTube. Now, we’re not just going to leave you hanging to find some homemade workout video by someone who has no idea what they’re doing. Summer, from Auburn University, suggests 8 Minute Abs, a video that is all about—you guessed it—abs. The creators of this set sure know what they’re doing and can help you reach your goal of getting that killer six pack to show off this summer. Even if that much ab definition isn’t your goal, the different kinds of crunches and leg lifts will do wonders for increasing core strength and muscle development. It can be hard at first, but don’t let that discourage you. It’s not quite painless, but it’s quick and simple and will get you one step closer to a fab figure!

5. Blogilates

If you’re looking for workout videos that are catered to young women, then the Blogilates workout videos are perfect. Instead of a man made of muscles staring you in the face, these videos are made and demonstrated by a young woman, who is peppy, motivational, and creates workout sets to a fun, upbeat soundtrack. The 10-20 minute videos are themed appropriately depending on the time of year, such as spring break and prom/formal season, or they have a focus like fat burning and toning. And since it’s filmed in sunny California, most of the background isn’t too bad either, and it serves as a perfect reminder that bikini season is fast approaching! Two former HC interns, Katrina and Hannah, recommend this for a fun workout that gets results, and it’s perfect to do with friends!


These quick, 15-mintue or less workout plans provide the perfect opportunity for you to tone up and get in shape for summer, or really for any time during the year. Don’t be discouraged by thinking that you have to devote thirty minutes or more to exercising every day, because that’s not always realistic for collegiettes, especially if you have an internship or summer job. So use these workouts as a starting point for making your life healthier and more active, and you’ll begin to look and feel better!

Hannah is a senior studying journalism at Boston University.  Originally from Ohio, she loves the Ohio State Buckeyes but couldn’t be more thrilled to be living in the exciting city of Boston. When not staying busy with journalism or French classes, she can be found working out at the gym with the BU club gymnastics team, teaching swim lessons at the pool, and always drinking lots of coffee. As a member of BU’s Kappa Delta chapter, she loves being involved on campus and getting to know as many people as she can. She is so happy to have a chance to work with the Her Campus team, and she can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her!
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