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4 Virtual Therapy Apps to Download Right Now

It's time to meet therapy apps, otherwise known as therapy that’s available when and where you want. Online therapy and mental health programs have been in high demand for millennials and zoomers alike due to the convenience and cost when compared to traditional counseling. But right now, virtual therapy is the only option for many as the U.S. continues to lead in COVID-19 infections worldwide.

It’s already difficult enough to cope with mental health troubles, but during this time of crisis and uncertainty, I know that my anxiety levels are personally off the charts. Many mental health resources once available have been disassembled following health regulations, and the search for virtual alternatives has taken off.

Here are four virtual therapy and mental wellness apps worth downloading, for when you need to cope with stress and stay socially distanced.


This mental health companion tracks your emotions throughout the day by asking questions that assess your mental health. Users also receive helpful insights to reflect and understand patterns in emotional wellbeing. There are resources available on the free plan, such as guided meditations and sleep aids, but you can opt for the quarterly $25 plan to unlock a library of psychological lessons and other features.

Another thing I love about Moodpath is that it doesn’t require you to sign up for an account — you can start using it as soon as you open the app!  


Youper uses artificial intelligence to understand your emotions and provide a personalized experience through conversations just for you. This 5-star rated app is great for a therapist-like experience — all with 21st century tech where you can talk out your feelings to receive real-time support and feedback. With guided meditations for sleep as well, it truly is always there to help make YOU+SUPER. 


With a growing network of over 10,000 counselors and therapists, BetterHelp is the world’s largest counseling service. After answering a few survey questions, this app matches you with a licensed and trained counselor who is best suited for your needs. Memberships range from $40 to $70 per week, but they include unlimited contact with your counselor. You will be able to message, call, and video conference depending on which contact method is the best fit for you at the moment you need it. 


Talkspace is a convenient and affordable counseling service that matches you with a therapist the same day you sign up. The subscription service is $65 per week and includes unlimited text, audio, picture, and video messages with your therapist. Though the therapist may not be available to reply to your messages in real-time, you are guaranteed to hear back at least once a day, five days a week. Each therapist is vetted and accredited according to NCQA standards to ensure you’ll receive help from someone relevant experience. 

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and now with virtual therapy and counseling available there’s no reason to put it on the back burner. Virtual counseling is more convenient and relatively cost-effective when compared with traditional therapy. Plus, you can still get the connection of an in-person session.  Whether you prefer talking to an AI companion with Moodpath or a real person with BetterHelp, there’s something out there for everyone. 

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