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Self-care is the best care. (Let me say it louder.) SELF-CARE IS THE BEST CARE! Taking care of yourself mentally and physically is super important for your well-being. I do not practice selfcare as often as I should, but when I do, here are a few things that usually calm me down after a stressful day/week.


YOU. ARE. NEVER. TOO. OLD. TO. COLOR. Coloring, painting or doing any form of arts and crafts is so therapeutic! I haven’t colored in a while, but when I do anything artsy, I feel 100 percent relaxed. Even crossword puzzles and other thinking games give my mind a break from the real world by challenging it to think about something else.

Simply listening to music

Listening to music is great, but it’s even better when you’re doing absolutely nothing. I really enjoy laying flat on my back with my eyes closed and my music playing at a soothing level. Some great artists to listen to while relaxing are Alina BarazAllen StoneABRAChloe x Halle and my fav, NAO.

Watching YouTube tutorials

You’re probably wondering how YouTube can declutter my mind; I honestly do not know. However, there’s something about watching people put on makeup and do different things to their hair that makes me calm. I enjoy learning new makeup and hair techniques, so this is a fun way for me to relax.

Read the full post here.

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