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In Memoriam: Ironclad Tupper

On Wednesday, December 6th, Bryant University's mascot, Ironclad Tupper, suddenly collapsed and died at a school event.

Just Bryant Things

Hey you, Bryant Student...you know EXACTLY what we're talking about!

Tupper’s Cutest Moments

Some of us love him, some of us think he’s the laziest mascot ever, but no one can deny that Tupper has had some pretty cute moments this...

Our Top 6 Favorite Tupper Moments

1. This happens to be one of Tupper’s signature looks, he always has his trusty baseball in his mouth 2. Tupper looking festive for...

Top 10 Things We Love about Bryant

The top ten things we love about Bryant are: 1. The Boys The whole 60:40 ratio of guys to girls is the worst in most cases, except for when...