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Top 10 Things We Love about Bryant

The top ten things we love about Bryant are:
1. The Boys
The whole 60:40 ratio of guys to girls is the worst in most cases, except for when it comes to looking for eye-candy. There are ridiculously attractive boys of every type, your biggest challenge will be to not get caught staring. But on a more serious note, the guys here (for the most part) are great to make friends with; they are sweet, sincere, and entertaining. So never be afraid to put yourself out there.
2. The President and Mrs. Machtley 
Not only are they our campus Mom and Dad, they are also dedicated to our school, and to us as students. And whether it is letting us go trick-or-treating at their house or walking around campus like Mr. and Mrs. Claus, they always find a way to make us smile. Most college presidents are not even half as approachable as President Machtley. 
3. SPB Programs
SPB is great at setting up events at Bryant, from Chipotle to mediums and free prizes galore, they always have something fun coming on campus for us
4. Athletics
Whether you’re in the stands or on the field Bryant Athletics is a lot of fun for everyone. You can join an intramural or club team if you aren’t exactly Division 1 material. Or you can grab a ticket and support your fellow Bulldogs in the stands at a game- it’s a great way to have fun on campus. 
5. Tupper
Tupper is the spirit of Bryant, and is also probably one of the best things about Bryant. Seeing him waddle around the unstructure or in his carriage makes us all feel a little more at home. He is always smiling (and drooling) but that will never stop the love we show him and that he shows us.
6. Your favorite Omelette /Sandwich Station Workers
Your eyes widen, you lose your breath, and suddenly feel butterflies in your empty stomach, is it true love? No, probably not, but it is your favorite Salmo employee. It could be anything that attracts you to them, the way they spread hummus, the way they drizzle chipotle mayo, or even the way they pronounce spinach. Either way this is one of your first true loves in college and you must cherish it. 
7. Around the World
Though this happened at the beginning of the year, and many are planning for next year, it is still a beautiful Bryant tradition. Around the World is the biggest party on campus every year and it is a great way to meet new people, including incoming freshmen.
8. Free Parking
Though our parking lots are usually crowded and nobody shovels out their car, we get to park for free. Some schools make students pay a couple hundred dollars in order to bring your car to campus and get a parking pass. We save some of our 52k on a perfect parking spot every once and a while. 
9. Marge
As the face of Salmo, Marge is amazing. She is sweet and kind. Since breaking her hip, the Bryant community just has not been the same. We hope that she is better than new in no time!
10. Our Pathway to Success 
Bryant is dedicated to not only our education but also our future. Our small classes, ACE workshop, and Amica center are all there for us to learn and be tutored. Using innovative ideas through the IDEA program. It is nice to know that they want us to have a great future.
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