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Tupper- The World’s Most Lovable Mascot!

HC: What is your favorite Bryant University event to make an appearance at?
Tupper: I love going to EVERY event on campus! Or just going to campus, period. If I had to choose, though, I’d go with Homecoming / Reunion if only for the sheer volume of people in attendance who stand in line to scratch my bum. They know it’s a privilege…I’m not sure why my mother doesn’t understand this!
HC: What is your favorite treat/snack?
Tupper: My favorite treat would have to be…food! Seriously, not fussy. Will drool for anything edible. Hot dogs and cheese are way up there!
HC: We heard your tore your ACL, are you doing okay?
Tupper: I actually first tore my ACL in August 2012. My vet recommended physical therapy over surgery, so I was forced to exercise. It was terrible. My mom thought I’d reinjured or tore the other side, but I’m back to normal, so it was probably just a sprain or strain. I can go back to not walking…what a relief!
HC: What are some of your hobbies?
Tupper: I love checking in on my friends through social media. I also enjoy eating, sleeping, snoring, being groomed with my Kong brush, and blowing snot on my mom. And a couple other things mom won’t let me talk about… :-/
HC: Where is your favorite place on campus for a nap?
Tupper: Favorite place on campus for a nap? I do not discriminate…pretty much anyplace is good when I’m tired!
HC: Any hidden talents?
Tupper: Hidden talents? I don’t hide anything…I can make pretty much anyone – male, female, young, old – swoon with one high-five. I can do high-five, other side, and fist bump (I knock mom’s fist with my forehead). I can “leave it,” even if it’s bacon, (though I resent this request). There’s lots more, but I realize space is limited…
HC: What else should we know?
Tupper: I ride in my bulldog buggy because mom doesn’t have time to wait for me to saunter along…plus, it puts me at a good height for picture taking! I live with Momma T four days a week, and she’s the one who takes me to campus events. I live with Momma Claire three days a week, and she’s the one who takes me to her office (Academic Records) during the day. I get my wrinkles cleaned daily, which I hate, and my tail pocket also cleaned daily, which I love! I’m on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine (bryanttuppy). Get at me!
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