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woman laying down with her foot on a radio
Her Campus at Wells My Brain-Song, Part 2

Another conglomeration of songs constantly playing in my head. “It’s nine o’clock on a SaturdayThe regular crowd shuffles in”1“And all that counts is here and nowMy universe will never...

headphones on laptop
Her Campus at Wells My Brain-Song

My brain is constantly blasting several songs at once, to the point where I can’t remember what lyrics go to which song. Kind of like this: “I’m waking up...

Earbuds and Sheet Music
Her Campus at Queen's U An Ode To Hozier’s Lyricism

Every song Hozier has released, whether heartbreaking, lustful, or uplifting, is jam-packed with beautiful lyricism that can be interpreted in so many different ways, a talent that certainly deserves...