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Eight Less-Popular SZA Lyrics From Her CTRL Album For Your Instagram Captions

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SZA’s “Ctrl (Deluxe)” might be an older album, but these lyrics are still fresh enough for the ‘gram.

“Making bad decisions how i’m living and I like it”

If you’re looking for something a little more spicy, this line from SZA’s 19th track on “Ctrl (Deluxe),” “Tread Carefully,” might just fit the vibe you’re going for.

“Picking up a penny with a press on is easier than holding you down”

This caption is perfect for the girlies who are newly single and have that post-relationship glow-up. “Go Gina,” the sixth track on the album, has many caption-worthy lines, but this was my favorite. The line that follows, “Can’t be any harder than holding you up,” could be added for some extra drama.

“I cannot love everybody, but you isn’t anybody”

This lyric comes from the 20th track on the deluxe version, “Awkward,” and would pair perfectly with a slightly risqué mirror pic.

“End of the Day it’s just trees in the wind”

Got any cute nature shots you need an excuse to post? This line from “Jodie,” the last track from the deluxe version, might just influence you.

“Maybe I should kill my inhibition / maybe I’ll be perfect in a new dimension”

These sister lyrics from the 10th track, “Anything,” could be used individually or together to achieve exactly what you’re going for.

“give as much as you take / Forgive as much as you hate”

“Wavy (Interlude),” the 11th track on “Ctrl,” also has a complementary pair of sister lyrics that work for a variety of pictures.

“You are but a phoenix among feathers”

This beautiful and inspiring lyric from the 13th track, “Pretty Little Birds,” is always a good choice for a picture taken during golden-hour.

“I know it burns to be in love”

This is another great line for a post break-up picture, and “2AM,” her 16th track on the deluxe version, fits this vibe exactly.

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