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Campus Profile: Jake Boyack

Auditor by day, rock star by night; this is the life Golden Hawk Jake Boyack leads. He’s a man of many talents and can be seen playing gigs...

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Sultry Rock Star Makeup Tutorial

The holiday season is ideal for experimenting with new makeup techniques. This eye look, which is inspired by Free People’s lookbook...

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Harris Cohen ’16

Year : 2016 Hometown : Montclair, New Jersey Major/Minor: Politics and Philosophy Her Campus: What do you plan to do with your major/minor...

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Zach Smith: Future Rock Star

Name: Zach Smith Year: Sophomore Major: Real Estate Hometown: Utica, Ohio Relationship Status: Taken What is your favorite about UC? Zach...

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Katie Gray

You may have seen a girl with mermaid blue hair walking around campus, hanging out in the KUGS studio, or performing at open mic nights...

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Keep Calm and Love Pleather

Fashion grows into something new every day. Pleather is becoming more and more popular as time passes. With fall in the air and winter not...