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Cute Rain Gear for May

April showers bring May flowers, and finally we New England schools are seeing those pretty flowers bloom! However, May is here and it's...

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Rainy Tuesdays

It's a known fact among the University of Delaware community that it always rains on Tuesdays. This weird weather anomoly is met by a sea...

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StoStyle: April Showers

With the lack of snow on campus, we are faced with yet another precipitation-based lament: rain. Never fear! With so many bright and...

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Cute Rain Gear for Every Style

It’s that time of year again, collegiettes. The weather is getting colder and the clouds are here are stay. Keep dry during the season with...

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Rain or shine, Smicks still look fine!

Rainy weather is inevitable when living under the South Bend perma-cloud. Nothing says “Welcome to the Midwest” quite like a chilly day...