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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

With the lack of snow on campus, we are faced with yet another precipitation-based lament: rain. Never fear! With so many bright and wonderful products, rain gear never gets to be dull.


Chelsea Rain Boots

The Chelsea Boot bubble has yet to pop! Take advantage of weatherproof boots in this short, comfortable style. They are much more comfortable and way less cumbersome than full-size boots. Perfect for spring showers.


Clear Handbag


Clear totes, clutches and handbags are a fun way to show off a cool wallet or what you are currently reading while keeping your dry goods dry! Bonus: many sports stadiums are requiring that if you want to bring your purse into an event, it must be clear!

Bubble Umbrellas

No need to hide your beauty away just because of the rain! The shape of bubble umbrellas keeps your tresses precious, and the clear material keeps you visible.

Bright Raincoats

 Tap back into your inner child and embrace the bright raincoat! Statement colors are sure to brighten up a gloomy day.


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