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Rain or shine, Smicks still look fine!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Saint Mary's chapter.

Rainy weather is inevitable when living under the South Bend perma-cloud. Nothing says “Welcome to the Midwest” quite like a chilly day complete with rainstorms and wind pelting your face. While you might want to hide away in your room all day snuggling under the covers, sometimes you’ve got to get out there and brave the storm. For us curly haired folk, days like this are the worst. Now arriving in Frizz City, population: me. Even though the weather might not be so pretty, that doesn’t mean you have to look bad too! Check out how some Saint Mary’s students are keeping in style on a rainy day!

Sophomore Hannah Drinkall keeps up with the weather and the fashion trends by rocking a monogrammed jacket. The tiffany blue color brightens up any gloomy day, and the silver Hunter’s add a unique flair.

Girls are notorious for their love of rain boots, whether it’s a 90% or 5% chance of rain. Better safe than sorry! While Hunter Boots are definitely one of the most popular brands seen around campus, there is an array of other brands too. Sperry, Timberland, and even Target all have awesome styles of rain boots. Check out some of these different variations of boots that Saint Mary’s girls love!