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Campus Cutie Madison Hobbs ’18

Name: Madison Hobbs Year: Freshman (Class of 2018) Major/Minor: Biomedical science with an emphasis in genetics Hometown : Concord, NC...

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Campus Cutie Phoenix Wilson

Name: Phoenix Wilson Year: Sophomore Major/Minor: Chemistry/ Spanish Hometown: Alexandria, VA Relationship Status: Single HC(Her Campus):...

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Campus Celebrity Colena Roberts (’09)

Name : Colena Roberts Class : Undergrad ‘09 Masters ‘14 Undergrad Major : Anthropology/Sociology Masters : Education with an emphasis in...

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Dishing the Early College Scoop: Part 1

Name : Christy Baker Major : Communications School : James Madison University ‘00 Hometown : Fairfax, Virginia Her Campus (HC) : What is...

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Campus Cutie Edlene Miguel (’16/17)

Name : Edlene Miguel Class : 2016/2017 Major/Minor : Applied Math/Music Favorite Show : Two Days, One Night Favorite Color : White Her...