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Campus Cutie Edlene Miguel (’16/17)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MBU chapter.

Name: Edlene Miguel

Class: 2016/2017

Major/Minor: Applied Math/Music

Favorite Show: Two Days, One Night

Favorite Color: White

Her Campus (HC): Why did you choose Mary Baldwin?

Edlene Miguel (EM): Well, I considered the other Early College Programs back on the west coast, which are a lot closer to home, since I live in California. But when I visited Mary Baldwin, I just knew that this was the place for me; the place where I’d fit in best. I was also very interested in the Dual Degree combined Applied Math and Engineering Master’s Program with the University of Virginia.

HC: So, did you graduate high school?

EM: (Laughs) No, I didn’t go to high school.

HC: What’s your relationship status?

EM: (Laughs) I’m single, and I will be for quite a while!

HC: Why do you say that?

EM: Reasonably speaking, after I graduate I’m going to go on to get my masters or go to law school, and everyone is going to be way older than me. I definitely want to wait until after I’m eighteen to even consider dating since it’s not really a priority for me right now. I also want to first focus on my studies and grow as a person. 

HC: Why is that?

EM: Well, I think for me, dating is when two people in a relationship have the intention of marriage as a future. I think of it as a sort of courtship. I mean, my parents were each other’s first boyfriend and girlfriend, and they’re still going strong! That’s what I want.

HC: What do you think it is that makes you think of relationships that way?

EM: Well other than my parents, I’d have to say my faith plays a huge part in everything that I do and every decision that I make.

HC: When looking for that long-term relationship later in life, would you ever consider dating someone outside of your religion?

EM: Honestly? Probably not. Faith is such a key component in my life, and I think of it as an important building block in any relationship.

HC: Other than faith, what other qualities do you hope to find in a significant other?

EM: The primary quality that matters to me is his faith. I hope that he will be God-fearing and God-loving.


Kalli-Anne Hymons is a devoted student in Mary Baldwin College's Early College Academy. She is an English major with a minor in Creative Writing. When she isn't getting lost in a new book or catching up on her favorite shows on Netflix, you can find her studying or working hard in class. Kalli-Anne was born and raised in Chesapeake, Virginia, and enjoys reading and playing field hockey. 
Rachel Heacock is a second-year at the University of Virginia. She is an Applied Statistics major with a concentration in Actuarial Finance with interest in an English minor. When she isn't watching baseball, she's in class, studying, or reading up on FanGraphs and MLB Trade Rumors. Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Rachel loves attending Washington Nationals games or relaxing at her southern lake house with her Lab-German Shepherd mixed puppy.