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OUAB Events

Thanks to OUAB, there’s rarely a dull moment at OSU. OUAB, of course, is the Ohio Union Activities Board and is responsible for bringing...

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OUAB Wants Your Vote!

The Ohio Union Activities Board is an organization that works hard to satisfy Ohio State’s large student body when planning campus events...

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OUABe Ready!

As always, the Ohio Union Activities Board is working its OUA-Butt off to bring the best entertainment for Ohio State students. Interested...

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OneRepublic for free?!

OUAB is renowned for bringing big-name acts to Ohio State for little-to-no cost to students, this year being no exception. Students have...

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OUAB: Events to Look Out For

Are you looking for a way to liven up your week, but are strapped for cash? Look no further than the Ohio Union Activities Board website,...