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Regent Events: IJM’s Open Mic Night

I don’t really consider myself talented (I’m more gifted than anything), but I know talent when I see it, and it’s roaming all around...

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Live Music at The Night Owl

The Night Owl, a cool and cozy café in Downtown Fullerton, is known for its incredibly cute owl theme and live music, which happens almost...

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Scenes from Auburn this Week

This week at Auburn was the year's first Open Mic Night! The University Programs Council event is held every month on the third Tuesday of...

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Barnes & Noble Hosts Open Mic Night

This past week CUA's Program Board hosted an "Open Mic Night" at Barnes & Noble on Monroe Street. People were invited to sign up for a...

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Andrew Meriwether

With a creative, inquisitive mind and a desire to celebrate and share many forms of art with his school, Andrew Meriwether is no ordinary...