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Not-So Spooky Monster Movies

It’s Halloween season friends, and it’s the perfect time to watch a movie that stars a fictional beast or two. However, if you happen to be...

fall decor and assorted pumpkins
Halloween Movies for the Easily-Scared

While some brave people celebrate Halloween by watching the creepy, gory, everyone-dies kind of horror films, others may watch movies that...

spiderweb on a wooden ceiling
Top Not-Scary Halloween Movies

Everyone loves a good Halloween movie, but some of us are big scaredy cats and can't watch horror movies. Here are two great movies that...

woman sit on chair
The Best Non-Scary Halloween Movies

It’s that time of year again: leaves have begun falling, there’s a chill in the air, and dollar stores are filling up with plastic...

Two Person Jumping in Silhouette Photography
8 Deep Lyrics in Screamo Songs

One thing that tends to always surprise people about me is that I listen to screamo music and enjoy it. The stigma around music that has...