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5 Not-So-Scary Movies to Watch Before Halloween

I love fall and I love Halloween, but I do NOT love scary movies. I’m a big baby when it comes to movies, haunted houses, costumes… you name it. So for those people like me, here’s my must-watch list of movies that get you in the Halloween mood without making you scared to turn off your light at night.


1. Hocus Pocus

If you haven’t seen this movie, what are you doing?! Besides the fact that it’s on basically 24/7 in October, it’s a classic Halloween movie no matter how old you are that never fails to put you in the spooky mood.


2. Halloween Town (and its sequels)

These movies are incredibly cheesy, but they make me feel like I’m a kid again when I watch them. They may not have the best acting, but they’ll never fail to make you feel nostalgic.


3. Twitches (and Twitches Too)

Again, another wonderfully cheesy Disney channel movie! Plus who doesn’t love Tia & Tamara?


4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Is it a Christmas movie? Is it a Halloween movie? Who knows, either way, it’s a must watch!


5. The Addams Family

An all-time classic! Everyone has a little bit of Wednesday in them, right?

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