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Le Filet’s Chef Yasuhisa Okazaki

It’s noon on a Saturday. I step inside Le Filet wondering if I’m at the right address. Months after my last visit, it’s not what I remember...

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Restaurant Review: L’Gros Luxe

What do boho man-buns, swanky chandeliers, and savory avocado fries all have in common? They’re all staples at one of Montreal’s hippest...

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MTL à TABLE Review: L’Aromate

There’s only one way to describe L’Aromate: très, très, chic. This restaurant and bar is located inside the highly-rated Hotel St. Martin...

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Restaurant Review: La Fabrique Bistrot

Last weekend I had the pleasure of eating at La Fabrique Bistrot , a fusion restaurant in the Plateau that blends upscale gourmet food with...

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Discovering Atwater Market

Since moving into an apartment and having to cook for myself, I have become quite the foodie, and Montreal is the perfect place to be one...