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Restaurant Review: L’Gros Luxe

What do boho man-buns, swanky chandeliers, and savory avocado fries all have in common? They’re all staples at one of Montreal’s hippest new restaurants, L’Gros Luxe. Whether you’re going on an anticipated first date or having a long-awaited girls’ night out, L’Gros Luxe is the perfect Uber drop-off location for an über-fun evening.

I recently ended up at L’Gros Luxe’s Mile End location for a friend’s birthday. Living in the McGill ghetto, the destination was deemed too far to walk, but the grub was well worth the cab fare. L’Gros Luxe also has another location in the Plateau, which is potentially a better option depending on where you call home.

Despite being a Tuesday night, the restaurant was far from vacant. L’Gros Luxe does not take reservations and they declare 7-9 PM to be their busiest time. If waiting isn’t in your game plan, I would suggest coming in either before or after this time slot.

Fresh from the cab, a step through the wooden door was like a step back in time to the Roaring Twenties, a time of artistic vivacity and a drive for modernity. Think jazz music and flapper girls. The spirit of this era enveloped us from the get-go with its low lighting, inky leather detailing, and eerie, eclectic artwork framing the walls. It also didn’t hurt that the host that greeted us upon arrival had a certain sense of charm as well – plus a beanie.

All the staff was in fact dressed in casual-cool, hipster get-ups, adding to the restaurant’s laid-back vibe. We did note that the waiters were a tad bit gruff with us when we had a few questions. Perhaps, we decided, this “ain’t nobody got time for that” attitude was due to our imperfect French skills.

This slight falter in experience was completely forgotten once we cracked open the menu. With a generous selection of appetizers, entrees, and desserts made from fresh Quebec produce, your mouth is doomed to water like one of Pavlov’s dogs. Appetizers included the aforementioned avocado fries, fried pickles, and grilled feta. Entrees ranged from tacos to burgers to grilled cheeses (oh my!). The dessert menu also taunted us with apple crumble and, I’m not joking, a hot pocket stuffed with bananas and Nutella. Warning: you may die and go to heaven, either by happiness or heart attack. One of the most devilishly creative items on the menu was the poutine grilled cheese. This unique dish consisted of homemade fries dripping with gravy and cuddling amongst squeaky cheese curds, all whilst tucked in between two slices of buttery sourdough. Next time, I’m ordering two.

Poutine grilled cheese with a salad on the side.

Don’t let the prohibition-era vibe scare you; the drink selection at L’Gros Luxe is anything but prohibitive. A larger than life chalkboard announces a plethora of cleverly named alcoholic options. The lineup of liquors on the back counter also brings a whole new meaning to “99 bottles of booze on the wall.” You can slowly sip a “Winston Churchill” martini, or slurp a Stella Artois, all depending on your mood. They’ve also got you covered with a list of wines to accompany and accent their main dishes.

The best part about this hidden gem, however, is the price. The menu lists no dish above $9, with most coming in around $6. Drinks average about $10. Not only can you afford to take the trip to L’Gros Luxe, you also deserve it. Even small victories deserve a “gros” celebration, and L’Gros Luxe is just the place to rejoice. Bon appetite collegiettes!

There’s always room for dessert when it looks like this.

Check out their website for a menu and contact info.

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