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Black owned restaurants to support now more than ever

The pandemic has hit everyone in different ways but has especially hurt the local businesses that have remained closed since Montreal's red zone status was announced in early October. Amongst these local businesses, black owners have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Here is a collection of ten local Black-owned restaurants which will satisfy your take-out cravings while also supporting some of these businesses through these tough times. 

#1 Kwizinn

[bf_image id="r3bg56x9mb3rr5v3pwhvfsqc"]  Located in Plaza Saint-Hubert, Kwizinn serves the classics of Haitian cuisine such as griot, plantain and Creole lambi. Enjoy picking up their delicious Caribbean food from on a nearby picnic table or as late-night take-out. 


#2 6 Green Banana

[bf_image id="4sj7bgbgs9h2x2mg7fmmfrg"]

With such a catchphrase as "Done the way mama did it", you can expect the Jamaican food at 6 Green Banana to be comforting and tropical. The restaurant also has student deals and specials to keep an eye out for!


#3 Bistro Nolah

[bf_image id="jc7q453tsv743fmxmmt8cn8"]

Southern cuisine is rare in Montreal, but Bistro Nolah's popularity isn't only based on its novelty. The chef, Richard Taitt, has a skillful hand with classic New Orleans flavours in seafood and meat, like gumbo and jambalaya.


#4 Mango Bay

[bf_image id="kr6ncsqk8hrt69sshsx3qp8"]

Close to McGill University, Mango Bay serves a variety of Jamaican dishes in the heart of Montreal. Try their special oxtail, ackee, and cod dishes for an authentic Jamaican plate, or their Jerk chicken burger combo for a fast food dish with Jamaican flavours. 


#5 Caribbean Food Factory

[bf_image id="q7jwxa-4o6z60-9mzcva"]

Let Caribbean Food Factory transport your palate to a delicious experience with divine Caribbean meals that are rich in flavours. Their menu features delicious meals like Fried Snapper with rich and peas, goat curry, jerk chicken, and stew chicken, which are all prepared hot and fresh every day. 


#6 Queen Sheba 

[bf_image id="q7knmm-625xig-a4v067"]

Restaurant Queen Sheba is a vegan and gluten-free friendly restaurant located in The Plateau Mont-Royal. They will offer you some of the best authentic Ethiopian cuisine. 


#7 Maquis Yasolo 

[bf_image id="bt6rbrntrpxjthsnfp9wgxhr"]

Maquis Yasolo is a new Afro-Quebecois restaurant in Saint-Henri in Montreal. Here, let yourself experience the flavours of African cuisine and all of its culinary diversity. 


#8 Local Legend

[bf_image id="5gfbczbjkssstbcrfj6pg63"]

At the Plateau's Local Legend, experience funky cocktails and fusion food in a casual setting. With dollar wing days and pub-style comfort food, ordering take-out from Local Legend sounds like a great idea for that home bar experience. 


#9 Paradis BBQ 

[bf_image id="qb2wzm-gdcxew-cux3f5"]

The Paradis BBQ offers cuisine at the crossroads of classic comforting dishes and the distinctive know-how of its chefs. You will find tasty rotisserie chicken with crispy skin, slowly cooked in its homemade spice rub. Carefully roasted or fried, these ingredients are sourced from a family farm located less than 250km from the restaurant, their freshness clearly represented in its menu of local products.


#10 Mama J’s Cakes

[bf_image id="6fcs3bm3j4zp5r8s8x4tzh4"]

Ending on a sweet note, Mama J's Cakes is a bakery providing peanut-free signature cakes baked from scratch. These include cheesecakes, red velvet cake, cupcakes, and cornbread, just to name a few. Mama J's Cakes is owned by Jacqueline, a single mother who immigrated to Montreal with her two children, so your support during your next sweet craving would mean so much. 


How else can you help? 

When possible, order directly from the restaurants as much as possible, in order for them to receive as much financial support as possible. 

You are also welcome to browse through the Google Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E70joYuC0FQgOhEMETbM-yRmyOzWOqjJ_QPlg8Dc1GM/edit#gid=1295046823 curated by allies to view more local black-owned restaurants, grocery stores, and services.



Mahek Nair

McGill '23

Mahek is an International Development student at McGill, hoping to work to increase education access in developing countries. Other than studying or writing, you can find her at a local art gallery, a crystal store, or at home- curled up with a good book.
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