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How to Educate Yourself on Feminism

How to Educate Yourself on Feminism I feel as if I’ve always been a feminist and proud to call myself one. However, that doesn’t mean I...

The Mindy Project Finale Review

After a total of six seasons, 117 episodes, 21 love interests, 2 failed marriages, one cancellation, and a network transition from Fox to...

The Mindy Project is Me

We connect with shows on a spiritual level here at HC Framingham. Mindy Kaling in general is absolute goddess, but her character Mindy...

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Netflix: séries à regarder

Votre meilleur ami, Netflix, est là pour vous divertir. Voici des suggestions de séries à regarder:

The Mindy Project Recap 2.10

Mindy Lahiri is pregnant and this is not a cry for attention! Last time when Mindy got a check-up from Peter we were left with a...