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5 Reasons to Get Excited About The Mindy Project

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Case chapter.

Unless you’ve been living under a (very sad and un-funny) rock, you’ll know that the streaming service Hulu saved The Mindy Project from extinction (yay!) and season four is now underway.  The first few episodes have already proved to be ahhh-mazing, so here’s a look at what to look forward to as the rest of the season progresses.  WARNING: There are spoilers.  So, if you’re not all caught up with The Mindy Project, 1) What are you even doing with your life?!  And 2) Get back in bed and Hulu the day away.


1. Longer Episodes!

The great thing about Hulu is that there are barely any commericals, which means that a half hour tv show is actually almost a half hour. It’s totally awesome in this case because it means more minutes of Mindy. That extra 4 or 5 minutes each episode will definitely make things interesting.


2. New Characters!

According to an interview with Ed Weeks (aka Dr. Jeremy Reed), the show will feature some new and interesting characters (including cast member Fortune Feimster, pictured above) from Jeremy’s childhood!  So excited to see how it all unfolds…


3. Funnier humor!

Another thing that Hulu can get away with is a little more edgy humor.  Just in the first few episodes, it’s a noticeable (and super-hilarious) shift.  This season’s wisecracks are sure to be extra amusing.


4. The New Baby!

Last season left off with Mindy incredibly pregnant and Danny running off to India.  Not only are viewers going to get to see the Mindy/Danny saga play out, but we’re going to get to see their gorgeous baby!  Not to mention, there will surely be some entertaining parenting moments on the part of both Danny and Mindy (and probably Morgan, too!).


5. Morgan!!!

If you literally only watch the show for Nurse Morgan Tookers, you are not alone.  Somehow, it seems that this season, Morgan has managed to become even funnier (I don’t think anyone thought that was even possible).  Because of the longer episodes and raunchier humor, we get to see Morgan in all of his ridiculously ridiculous glory.  Who could want anything more?!

Anna is a Pre-Law English and Political Science major, minoring in Philosophy and Spanish. In her spare time, Anna enjoys listening to music, keeping up with the latest fashion and beauty trends, and spending time with her pomeranian named Teddy.