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We Saw the Mindy Project Premiere & Fashion Exhibit at the Paley Center!

On September 8, I got to go to the premiere of season 6 of The Mindy Project at the Paley Center! As excited as I was to see the show and watch the panel with the cast members, I was equally excited to see the new Mindy Project fashion exhibit the Paley Center has all through September. The whole center was decked out in models dressed in some of Mindy’s best and most recognizable outfits. TBH, I was a little starstruck by the clothes, let alone Mindy herself. The iconic yellow peacoat!! The beautiful sari!! Everything was beautiful, and in the classic Mindy fashion, very colorful.

As the first show’s panel ended, my friend and I waited in the lobby and ended up seeing Josh Hutcherson walk right by our table! #blessed he is as cute in person.

Then it was finally time for the show to start. We watched the premiere of the first episode of this season, which is now live on Hulu. As a longtime fan of The Mindy Project, I’m so sad it’s the last season, but this season definitely seems like it will live up to how great the past 5 seasons have been. And I’m not the only one who feels that way: at the panel after the show, the cast members lamented leaving such an amazing project. Mindy and Ike Barinholtz, who plays Morgan, told an adorable story where the two were on the phone to discuss part of the plot. Ike got emotional to say the least, and sobbing into the phone, he asked Mindy if she was crying too. She wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, Mindy did say she was sad to leave the show, but just isn’t an emotional person. This is further proof Mindy is a superhuman: how can someone be unemotional and pregnant?! Magic!!

Beth Grant, the actress who plays Beverly, also tearfully spoke about what the experience of being on The Mindy Project: “I told myself I wasn’t gonna cry… can I pass? The irony is- you were here at one of the earlier panels that I remember- really, y’all, I am SO old! And I fell in love with Mindy, and I thought, oh my god, this is a brave, new woman who has her own voice, and I’m gonna go and I’m gonna be of service to her. It was my genuine heartfelt desire to do that. And of course, the irony is, she was of service to me. And it changed my life. I’m not the same person I was six years ago.”

The bond between the members of the cast was tangible, and it was clear to see how proud they were of the project, and of each other. Throughout the panel, they joked with one another and spoke about how much fun the show has been over the past six years and what they are excited about for the final season. My personal favorite anecdote is that there is an episode next season featuring not one, not two, but THREE Meryl Streep costumes. Three. And according to Mindy, they’re all “deep cuts”. If that doesn’t sum up The Mindy Project, I don’t know what does.

Catch The Mindy Project on Hulu now!

Panel & red carpet photos by Imeh Bryant

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