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Campus Cutie: Nashia Jordan

Meet this week's Campus Cutie, Nashia Jordan! Nashia also goes by the name Nia. She is a sophomore studying Mass Communication with a...

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Campus Cutie: Fatima Beri

Welcome this weeks campus cutie, Fatima Beri! She is an International Studies Major with a French Minor. She is class of 2019 and her...

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Study Break Ideas as Finals Approach

What does every college student look forward to in December? A break! No, I’m not referring to winter break, I’m talking about all those...

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Campus Fashionista: Breshay Moore

This week's campus fashionista is Breshay Moore! Breshay is a sophomore, majoring in marketing. Her favorite store to shop in is Forever21...

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Menstrual Shaming is Real

If you’re someone with a uterus, you’ve most likely whispered to another person with a uterus, “Hey, can you check me?”, “Do you see my pad...

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Fall Fashion Trends

Fall is here and so are the trends for the season! Fall tends to be a tricky time to dress considering how indecisive the weather can be,...