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Did I Say You Could Touch Me?

The title of this article may sound aggressive - and it is – but if anything, it’s more of retaliation. I know it has been a problem for...

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Discrimination in Law

91 years ago a Suffragette, a Yorkshire lass and a Cambridge graduate were among the first women in England to complete the Law Society’s...

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Amazing Women at the Winter Olympics

As a keen skier, it is easy for me to get ecstatically excited when the Winter Olympics come around, and at roughly halfway through the...

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Politics Blog: Miley and the VMA’s

There is a quote from the infinitely quotable Mean Girls that goes along the lines of ‘you have all got to stop calling yourself sluts and...

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Her Campus Digs Deep

After a summer spent alternating between travelling to new parts of the world for as long as possible and staying in bed eating as much of...