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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Leeds chapter.

After a summer spent alternating between travelling to new parts of the world for as long as possible and staying in bed eating as much of mum’s home cooked food as possible, we return to Leeds with only a faint memory of the dark and miserable time called Exam Period. 

   R&R complete, we return feeling as though we could move mountains over the next year. Okay, so maybe not move mountains; although there are some horrendously huge hills in Leeds none could be called mountains. Alright, so if we can’t move one, how about climb one? I’m not talking about the trek from the city centre back up to the Parkinson building here; I’m talking about the world’s tallest free standing mountain – Kilimanjaro. Why?!  I hear you scream – as if you don’t have enough on your plate this semester! I bet your memory of Exam period just got a whole lot clearer didn’t it?

   The reality is that as readers of Her Campus and female students of Leeds in general, we consider ourselves as empowered women. We are educated, independent: basically we have opportunities left, right and centre. We also have the opportunity to become part of a 20+ team that will raise £30,000 for digdeep, a charity whose ethos is very similar to that of Her Campus; partnership and empowerment.  As members of the HC family we are part of a society that offers the fundamental support needed to the females around us. As a water charity, digdeep does much the same. This similarity may become clearer when I tell you that 200 million hours are spent by women and girls collecting water everyday. This figure becomes even more shocking when coupled with the fact that 780 million people have never tasted a cup of clean water, resulting in 50% of the world’s hospital beds being occupied by people suffering from water related illnesses. These women often have to sacrifice the chance of an education for water that could potentially kill them. By working in partnership with Kenyan communities, digdeep works to provide clean water, sanitation and renewable energy, allowing these girls to take back their opportunities. 



What does digdeep offer us? Not only the opportunity to fundraise for a cause that should be close to any girl’s heart but also the adventure of a lifetime. A trek up Mount Kilimanjaro will take you through massively contrasting environments from jungle to glacier; pushing our limits both mentally and physically with some mind-blowing views. On top of this, we’d have the chance for some independent travel afterwards – does relaxing on the white-sand beaches of Zanzibar sound like enough of a reward?

Throughout the year the team will be having socials and organising fundraising events before our trek next August. So if you think you’re ready to travel to the land of ‘hakuna matata’ and conquer the mountain, get in touch!

Challenge Leader: Tilly Kyriakides

Mobile: 07775756276

Email: tillykyri@gmail.com

English-Cypriot, Classics student.Snowboarder, Copy-editor and Writer for HC Leeds :)