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The Laser Leak- September

*Gif from Giphy.com Welcome back Lasers, In this new article series we will be discussing all things that you need to know about Lasell...

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Professor Spotlight: Deborah Baldizar

Deborah Baldizar is a 10-year art professor here at Lasell College. Art is her way of expressing herself and communicating her truth to the...

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Top 10 How I Met Your Mother Moments

It is sad to see How I Met Your Mother leave Netflix, but it was not sad looking over these HIMYM moments. Here are the top 10 HIMYM...

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Senior Send Off: Angela Connolly

As it's the last week of classes at Lasell, we will be honoring a few of our graduating seniors who were part of Her Campus Lasell. They...

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Raegan Cleary: A Feminist Fashionista

Sophomore Raegan Cleary came to Lasell from a small town in Rhode Island, looking for a way to combine her love for fashion with her newly-...

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Rafaella Penta

Rafaella Penta is celebrating her last semester here at Lasell College as a Hospitality and Event Management major and Communication minor...