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Regent Events: IJM’s Open Mic Night

I don’t really consider myself talented (I’m more gifted than anything), but I know talent when I see it, and it’s roaming all around...

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International Justice Mission

Name of organization: Alabama International Justice Mission Organization type: Advocacy, awareness, fundraising, human rights What is the...

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Shea Savage: The English Secretary

Shea Savage is a student at Regent University! This week he told us a little about himself and his involvement with Regent’s IJM chapter.

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Zack Porter ’14

Zack Porter is a third year at UVa, and a co-founder of the International Justice Mission at UVA. On the day before classes let out for...

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Slavery Still Exists: Stand for Freedom

The locals call the burnt-out, rotting structure, “the Anarchy Building.” What was once an apartment building has now deteriorated into a...