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How To Make It Through Second Semester Alive

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IU chapter.

Come second semester, student focus certainly lacks and it’s difficult to find motivation. From quals, to spring break, to Little 5 – the spring months bring a plethora of distractions, and school is about the last thing on everyone’s minds.

We are all guilty of it. The anticipation of the fun things to come kills any ounce of a work ethic. However, this can become problematic. We can’t pretend that this second-semester mentality isn’t an issue. Assignments are still due, exams are still hard, and attendance still counts. Our minds might be elsewhere, but school is still the most important. That is why we’re here, remember?

While the perks of second semester are upon us, schoolwork must remain a priority. Here are some ways to make it through the semester without letting your excitement get the best of you:

It is imperative to attend class. Save your skips for Little 5. Don’t waste them on the days you’re too lazy to get out of bed or on the days where snow is coming down by the ton. While it might seem like a good idea at the time, you’ll regret it when your grade drops an entire letter.

Plan every day accordingly. Get all the important stuff out of the way earlier in the day. Wake up, go to class, do your homework, study for an exam, go to the gym, then – and only then – is it deemed acceptable to shop online for outfits for PV.

Procrastination is your worst nightmare. Nothing is worse than putting off a project when it’s due the Monday after Quals. Get work done early so you’re not stuck freaking out come Sunday night. Take the time during the week to crack down on schoolwork, that way you’ll be stress free for the weekend.

Remember that you are at school for a reason. If you have a lot of work to do, stay in for a night. There will always be another time to party. There won’t always be another time to hand in an assignment.

And while it might seem difficult, try and forget about your spring break plans. Mexico? What’s that? Tequila? I don’t know what that is. PV? Um who? Professors understand what spring break means to the college student and they know that it serves as a huge distraction. Therefore, teachers typically give some leeway a week before spring break, so no worries. There is some hope.

Now this won’t come easily. Focus comes from a lot of discipline and restraint. It’s time to dig deep and find the willpower to buckle down and take schoolwork seriously. 

It might be weird, but consider spring break a reward for working so hard. Maybe that’ll act as motivation.

Soon enough we will be relaxing on the beaches of Mexico without a care in the world. And in the end, you’ll thank yourself for putting in the hard work when you are not panicking to ace every final.

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