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Happy Birthday Ladies!

Her Campus Holy Cross wishes a very happy birthday to our ~lovely~ members Caroline Keane and Tess Mackay!!!!

Spring Ahead!

Sophomore staff writer Nina Sparre captures a beautiful photo of Alumni Hall as we head towards spring break!

Better Weather

The weather on campus is ~fabulous~ this week and spring break is right around the corner!!! #oneweektogo

Let The Games Begin

Yesterday HC students came out to support our men's lacrosse team as they took on UVM in their first home game this season!

Fenwick in February

Sophomore on the Hill, Deirde Reidy, captures a ~fabulous~ photo of a snow-covered Fenwick this week!

Grab Some Extra Help

Spend sometime in the chapel this week to pray that you make it through the four exams, 3 papers, and presentation you have this week...