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How to Not Freak Over Finals

With two weeks left in the semester, finals are right around the corner. Finals week is one of the most overwhelming times for any college student, and it may...

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7 Wonders Calming Mask

How to Apply The mask is covered, front and back, by a layer of film. The instructions say to peel one side off, apply it your face, and...

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10 Movies To Watch on a Girls Night In

Every once in a while you and your girlfriends need a break from going out and everything that is going on around you. You need a Girls...

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Jesse Hunt, Campus Cutie

Name: Jesse Hunt Age: 23 Year: Senior Major: Creative writing with a concentration in poetry Minor: English Hometown: Charleston, South...

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5 Tips for Finding an Internship

Applying for internships is serious business. While applying for an internship isn’t quite like applying for a full-time job, internships...

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Local Spotlight: Full Belly Project

Many of us take the amazing inventions we own for granted. They save us time, energy, and--in the end--money. While we all face our own...