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Twenty Questions with Linsey Wolf

What’s the best thing that’s happened to do so far today? In my inclusive classrooms class we did this activity where we did a graffiti...

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Meet the HC SHU Girls

It's about time we introduced some of our most involved team members here at Her Campus Sacred Heart~ Meet Campus Correspondent Laura...

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Meet the Staff: Jackie Bartolo ’19

Jackie Bartolo has written many of your favorite pieces from Her Campus PhilaU. I sat down with her to find out what her plans are for...

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Meet Our History Guru!

We are rolling out our fresh new member for this week's Campus Celebrity. Not only is she in love with all things vintage, she is also a...

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Campus Celebrities: HC Exec Team

The Her Campus Oklahoma State executive team consists of four young women who work hard to guarentee content is published in a timely and...