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Name: Jenna Lowrance

Year: Sophomore

Major: English

Other Involvement: ADPi, CAC (Colleges Against Cancer), PLP

1. Why was CNU the best fit for you? “Came on campus with mom and people were willing to walk you places and it felt more like a family.. Love the speaking tradition.”

2. What drew you to HC? “I wanted to join because of Miranda & Lee, also an English major so I wanted to write. I have a blog but I wanted something more structured (get s**t done).”

3. What are you most looking forward to this school year? “I always look forward to Relay for Life, my dad’s gone through three battles and having a part in the night besides just raising money. It’s a momentous night.”

4. Where might someone find you if you’re not in class? “Probably in my room.. I’m kind of boring, actually.. I’m usually all over campus; if i need help then i’m not afraid to go to professors — not really one place because I’m so busy and I don’t know what to do with myself when I’m not doing something.”

5. What is your favorite summer activity? “Each summer’s different; I really like to travel, been to 6 different countries — my grandparents live in Germany and I want to study abroad; travel to me is a summer activity.”

6. Where do you want to see yourself in 10 years? *laughs* “I was born to be a mom; I wanna be a mom & wanna have kids early because the unconditional love a parent has is so unique — you don’t really fall out of love with your kids … I wanna have a job too, but one that doesn’t take away from my kids. I also wanna travel with my kids a lot so that they learn more cultures besides American.”

7. If you were a Disney Princess, who’d you be? “I think Tiana — she’s a total boss-a** b**ch. All of her values align with mine; it’s not what you get — it’s what you make of what you get. She doesn’t let anyone affect who she is.”

8. What has been your most favorite place you’ve traveled to? “Hungary; I had a host family. I loved it because I got to go to the school that my host sister was in and got so immersed in that culture, which was so different than all the other places I’d been (Western Europe) and the food was so good. Totally Eat. Pray. Love. of me but I wanna go to India and Italy but there’s so much there and you have to be there so long to get to all of it.”

9. Favorite animal? Why? “An Elephant; my mom loved elephants, but then it became about what they stood for, like strength and wisdom and luck (because I need that). I really wanna go to Thailand and help out there and go to Capetown in Africa.”

You can categorize Royall as either Leslie Knope when she has her color-coded binders: or Hyde whenever Jackie comes into a room before they start dating: There is no in-between.  Royall recently graduated with her B.A. in Sociology & Anthropology from CNU and now studies Government & International Relations at Regent University. She also serves as the Victim Advocate and Community Outreach Coordinator for Isle of Wight Co., VA in Victim Witness Services. Within Her Campus, she served as a Chapter Writer for CNU for one year, a Campus Expansion Assistant for a semester, Campus Correspondent for two years, and is in the middle of her second semester as a Chapter Advisor.  You can find her in the corner of a subway-tiled coffee shop somewhere, investigating identity experiences of members of Black Greek Letter Organizations at Primarily White Institutions as well as public perceptions of migrants and refugees. Or fantasizing about ziplining arcoss the French Alps. 
I am a current senior at Christopher Newport University as a history major with a minor in childhood studies. A future elementary school teacher, with a blossoming passion for photography!
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