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Happy Spring YorkU

The fountain is back on which means exams are almost over and this Canadian goose is ready to get some feathers wet! Happy Spring York U!

Gettysburg’s Spring has Sprung

Though the first day of spring was technically March 20, Gettysburg marks its first day of spring by refilling and running the fountain in...

Bath Time!

Pranksters to the fountian by the school of business to create one soapy mess. Students were greeted to this walking to their 8am classes...

Frog Baby

Frog Baby is a sculpture of a happy little girl, playfully holding a frog in each hand

Studious Student

As the new semester kicks off, a UNT student studies on a beautiful day on the steps of the Onstead Promenade.

The Fountain in Fall

The beautiful fountain on the podium of UAlbany has been turned off. This signals the beginning of the cold weather.